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Mickey Monitor Spring 2013


Mickey Monitor Spring 2013

This is the Spring 2013 Mickey Monitor that I scanned today.  I did so thinking it might help some of you in your upcoming planning.  Click on any image for a larger view.

All images and text are copyright Disney.

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  1. Thank you for posting the Mickey Monitor, as I live in Canada and so they will not mail it to me. Even if someone is not an annual passholder, there is lots of fun information in the magazine so I wish Disney posted it in a PDF format for those who miss their copy, or who live outside of the US.

  2. Thank you, Kenny !
    I think one of my toddlers ate our 1 & only copy of the MM- I can’t find it on the official page- but I can never find update info on their site.
    I knew that I’d seen info on Animal Kingdom’s 15th anniversary- somewhere! For a minute, I thought I’d lost my mind.
    If not for Disney fan sites & blogs, I’d probably get lost on my weekly drive to the parks. It’s a real shame considering I’ve lived in Orlando for 44 years now!
    Oh. I don’t think that any ‘potential guests’ were harmed in this blog. Lmfo (laughing my face off)

  3. Kenny,
    I really enjoy your e-mails, but I’m not sure that posting the Mickey Monitor for general consumption is appropriate. Potential WDW guests would be better suited on a site like AllEars.net.

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