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Brer Rabbit usually appears at the Frontierland Hoedown in the Magic Kingdom.

brer-fox-brer-rabbit-and-brer-bear-at-long-lost-friends-in-magic-kingdombrers-at-long-lost-friends-weekbrers-with-kennythepirate-at-long-lost-friends-weekBrer Rabbit Jan 2013 (6) Brer Rabbit Jan 2013 (5) Brer Rabbit Jan 2013 (4) Brer Rabbit Jan 2013 (3) Brer Rabbit Jan 2013 (2) Brer Rabbit Jan 2013 (1)

Br'er Rabbit 2005 Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom
Br’er Rabbit 2005 Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom


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  1. Do you think the characters would sign autographs at this time of year? I am going July 29th and hoping to meet horace and brer rabbit

  2. When I was at the Hoedown last week the times weren’t published, but I asked in City Hall. I am 99% sure we were the only group waiting for them. My daughter is a huge Br’er Rabbit fan and she started jumping up and down in front of him. He grabbed her hand and another little girl’s hand and started dancing with them. I don’t know about the others. They did the hokey pokey and a few other circle dances. I had my daughter’s autograph book ready for her. I got a great picture. Since she was the first to get a picture, I don’t know how long he stayed. Br’er Bear left right away. Horace was taking pictures, no autographs. The country bears were hamming it up biting stuff and acting crazy. If you have a kid that wants to dance, tell them to just run up and talk to them.

  3. We were there in August and just happen to get there the same time they were coming out. My sons were quickly snatched up and were dancing along! One son was dancing with Clarebelle and the other with Horace. Loved it and got some pretty great pictures!!

  4. Would love to have the chance to meet Br’er Fox,Bear and Rabbit for a group photo. Maybe we will get lucky this year for LTM! These are characters that need to do meet and greets more. The special event parties in the fall/winter would work perfectly!

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