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An unexpected meet with Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip



Precious little Georgie and her mom Susan were strolling along down Sunset Boulevard and were about to pass the Beauty and the Beast stage area.  The Beauty and Beast show was on brief hiatus for some light refurbishment, so seeing the show was out of the question.  They saw a line trailing down from the hill to Sunset Boulevard, but initially didn’t think much of it.  As they walked past a second time, Susan decided to venture into seeing why all these people were in a line.  Most people just join the line, not having a clue what’s at the end.  I once saw 6 or 7 people in line, not knowing it ended with a survey taker.  She saw Beast and Belle at the end of the line and learned that they were rotating with Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip.  Susan said, “Good thing I’m nosy or we’d have missed it. It seemed a bit on the down low. No one else in line seemed as excited as I was about the enchanted friends. Several families gladly went ahead of us to see Beast and Belle while we waited for the others to return.”  In a few years the families who were willing to meet Belle and Beast may be sad that they missed this rare opportunity to get a photo made with these three rare meet and greet characters!