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KennythePirate’s first ever prize giveaway!


UPDATE:  2/10/2013 Corinne Anderson is the winner!

I’ve decided to share the magic and begin giving away some prizes. The first prize that I’d like to give away is this awesome Disney Totem Pole figurine featuring Mickey, Donald and Goofy. It is a very limited edition, but not numbered, and was never sold in any way. It was a premium given only to those willing to arrange and host a Disney Cruise Line party in their home. It was used to promote the fact that Disney Cruise Line was beginning to offer sailings to Alaska in 2011. It’s 9 inches tall and 4 ¼ inches wide at the base. It is made of heavy plastic composite and in mint condition.

Here’s the details:

When the blog reaches 750,000 views (it’s currently in the 650,000 range) I will give away this prize to one person who follows the blog in one of the following methods:

  1. Follow via email – you’ll see a link on the left of the page for that. You can edit your settings by clicking “Manage subscription” so that you receive mail as often as you like. You can choose Immediate, Daily or Weekly
  2. Facebook – anyone who likes the blog via Facebook on the left hand bar toward the top.
  3. Twitter – just follow @kennypirate on Twitter by clicking at the bottom left.

All of these followers will be tossed into a virtual pot and a winner selected via computer program.

The more ways you choose to follow the blog, the more likely you are to win the prize.

  • If the winning choice is email follower, the person will receive notification via email.
  • If the winning choice is a Facebook follower, the person will receiving notification via message.
  • If the winning choice is a Twitter follower, you will receive a direct message from me.

Unfortunately, I have no way of tracking RSS followers with any contact information. At the moment I’m writing this, there would be 3,341 entries from the various methods. Sounds like pretty great odds and the only risk is reading one of my poor attempts at humor.

The winner agrees to allow me to post their name and city of residence on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

I will cover the cost of shipping as well.

Once this prize is won, I will move to a new and different contest. The faster the blog reaches 750,000 views (displayed at the bottom of the page) the faster I can make another person happy with a cool prize, so click away!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.