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EPCOT Princess Touring Plan

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Updated 10/3/2013

This touring plan is designed to help you meet all the Princesses in EPCOT in one day with as little backtracking and waiting as possible.  In order to use this plan, be sure that you’re at the rope near the International Gateway before 11:00 am.

EPCOT Princess Touring Plan

  • Be at the International Gateway rope just before the bridge to France before 11:00am. The rope drops at 11:00am and Belle should be waiting on you. Her meet is located on your left near the water.
Belle France
  • Make your way from France back to the United Kingdom. Alice and Mary Poppins each meet along the main path between the Tea Shoppe and the Yorkshire County Fish Shop next to the small garden. Look for the sign.
Alice United Kingdom
Mary Poppins United Kingdom
  • Make your way back across the bridge to France. Aurora will be located in the Gazebo on the far right after you cross the bridge.
Aurora France
  • Continue counter-clockwise around the World Showcase only a short distance to Morocco. Aladdin and Jasmine meet on the left next to the water. Look for the sign.
Aladdin & Jasmine Morrocco
  • If you desire, you may continue onward to Germany. I designed this plan to allow you time to enjoy the World Showcase at your pleasure before moving on to see Snow White. Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the meet of your choice. Snow White is located on the right just past the Germany pavillion in an alcove with a wishing well.
Snow White Germany
  • Mulan will have two remaining meets. You may choose the one you desire, but arrive at least 10 minutes prior to her next meet time for the shortest wait. Mulan will be located just beside the Temple of Heaven under the awning. If you’re looking at the building it is to the left of the main entrance.
Mulan China


  1. Hi,
    I’m most likely going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot this year, and I was wondering if the queue would be shorter to meet Pooh, Alice, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and the Princesses than at Magic Kingdom? Also, how often do the random characters appear at Epcot? Thanks.
    I also have a short query on Universal Islands of Adventure. How are the lines to meet the Marvel Heroes there?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Pooh – shortest at Animal Kingdom, then Epcot. MK is worst
      Alice – just depends on the day and time of arrival. Usually 15 minutes or less.
      Aladdin – arrive before first meet in either park as the line gets long and gets cut off quickly.
      Poppins – has shorter lines at MK, but is more difficult to fit into a touring strategy because you have to double all the way back.
      Snow White – better backdrop at EP, but FP+ at MK
      Aurora – shorter lines at EP but FP+ at MK
      Cinderella – only MK or character meal
      Rapunzel – only at MK
      Random characters appear often as they are training, but no set schedule.
      Marvel – lines build quickly and cut off quickly on busy days. Captain America is the most popular one there. They offer multiple sets, you might have to catch 2 or three to get them all.

  2. Kenny,
    First I would like to say You are Awesome!

    I was wondering if we arrive at opening, and have a 1pm lunch reservation at Akershus what would be the route to take to see Alice, Mulan, Jasmine and Mary Poppins, with of course a crush turtle show.
    Thank you for all you do.

    McMurtrey Family

  3. This is fantastic, thank you! I’m planning on doing Epcot on arrival day with my 5 year old daughter. I haven’t booked Akershus yet but hoping to get an ADR for a late dinner. Would the above plan stay the same for a late arrival? Most of them have a back-up in other parks (if we end up missing them) with the exception of Mulan – so I’m tempted to take her to see Mulan first. Does Mulan usually have long lines? Thanks in advance!

      • 3 PM arrival at Epcot would mean you won’t reach World Showcase until 3:30-4:00 PM. Not sure the plan will help much at that point, but you might catch a few with shorter lines.

    • To do this plan is time dependent, that’s why the times are listed. There’s no guarantees who’ll meet late in the day, but head to Mulan first since you’ll meet the others at Akershus or can be seen in Magic Kingdom.

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