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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Characters 2017

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Map with Character Locations

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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Characters

(Updated 8/15/2018)

Changes for 2018 – Stitch added

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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Map with Character Locations

Know who you want to see!

It’s important that your family makes a plan of the things they wish to experience during the party so they don’t spend their time wandering around the park. When it comes to characters you should pick the ones you find have the greatest importance. To some people, meeting with the 7 Dwarves will rank high, while others may wish to see Captain Jack Sparrow and another family may want to visit with every villain at the party. Know who you want to see and set a reasonable goal. It’s not impossible to meet every character, but you won’t have time for any other element of the party to attempt this.

These characters may have lines of one hour or more or take multiple meets to see them all.

Stich – Elvis

Stitch will appear as Elvis for 2018.


How to meet Moana in Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Moana is supposed to meet in Adventureland.  I’ll confirm the exact location and schedule for Character Locator subscribers!

Anastasia and Drizella

Anastasia and Drizella are said to be returning for 2018.  They are supposed to meet in Fantasyland.

7 Dwarfs:

7 Dwarves MNSSHP 2012

If you wish to meet the 7 Dwarfs, (Snow White doesn’t meet with them, she meets with elsewhere) you’ll want to line up early.  Why would I recommend spending all that time in line? Well, if you don’t line up early, you’ll still be in that line later and you’ll miss precious party time. By lining up early, you’ll have the full 5 hours to do the other things you wish during the actual party.

Jack Skellington and Sally:
Jack Skellington and Sally

Jack Skellington and Sally are VERY popular.  You’ll need to use the tips on Character Locator in order to avoid a long line.


Lotso 2010

Villains offering a regular meet and greet include Anastasia & Drizella, Cruella DeVil, Gaston, Jafar, Queen of Hearts, and Lots O Huggin Bear. This group is spread out in the park.  These characters form regular stand by lines and are willing to chat and sign autographs. The line for Cruella will be popular.  Others that will offer fixed meets will be Queen of Hearts who often meets with the Tweedles.  Line up early or expect a long line.  Gaston may also be met during the day, but is only found with Belle at the party.

Captain Jack Sparrow:

Jack Sparrow at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012

Captain Jack is very popular, but he also tend to be fashionably late.

Donald & Daisy with Minnie

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Disneyland Paris, Characters, Minnie MouseDonald wears his pumpkin costume and Daisy is a Princess. Minnie wears a witch costumeLines were typically 45 minutes or more.

Aladdin & Abu, Jasmine & Genie

Genie and Jasmine at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - September 2012

Abu and Aladdin at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom Disney World Character meet and greet 2012Aladdin typically meets with Abu and Jasmine with Genie.  The lines for these characters were typically about 15-20 minutes. You may line up for one set and actually meet the other set.

Jafar meets in the Adventureland area.

Tarzan, Jane and Terk

Tarzan appears with Jane and Terk.  It’s a matter of luck with the timing, you aren’t using Character Locator for the schedule. Tarzan may pick bugs off your child’s head or jump around and pound his chest. Jane is very proper (almost Mary Poppins like) but very sweet too. Lines were typically 20-30 minutes and you may line up for one set and end up meeting the other.

Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet

Tigger, Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet as they appeared at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - September 2012
Tigger, Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet as they appeared at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

The Pooh characters are worth seeing because they all have great Halloween costumes. They typically have a 30 to 45 minute wait and often see their line cut before they even arrive for the next set.

Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter and Alice at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Mad Hatter and Alice at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios August 2014 Queen of Hearts (2)

In my experience, I never waited more than 10-15 minutes to meet Alice and Mad Hatter.  The Queen of Hearts (usually with the Tweedles) meets separately and often has a long line. Alice meets in the park during the day, but the Mad Hatter doesn’t.  The Mad Hatter is hilarious and will joke around quite a bit with the guests in his classic voice.

Mickey Mouse

Disneyland Paris, Characters, Mickey Mouse

Mickey meets guests in his Halloween costume during the party and usually continues to chat with guests.

Dance Parties

The Monstrous Dance Party – Tomorrowland

This dance party features Boo, Needleman, George Sanderson Mike and Sulley

Monsters Inc Dance Party
Monsters Inc Dance Party

There’s really no reason to arrive early for the Dance Party.  Just walk right up, dance until you’re tired and take some photos. We often end the night at one of the dance parties.

Disney Junior Jam

Doc McStuffins and Timon will be on hand to dance the night away with you in Fantasyland.


It’s my opinion that I don’t waste my precious and expensive party time visiting characters that I could easily see during the day in the same costuming. Perhaps you only have one day at Walt Disney World or you aren’t planning to be in the Magic Kingdom any mornings, in those cases it would make sense to visit these characters if they are important to you. Those who meet in the exact same costume during the day include:

  • Anastasia and Drizella
  • Cinderella & Elena, Rapunzel & Tiana

Other characters that have offered pop-up surprise meets in the past include Suzy & Perla and the Tweedles.

If you need FULL schedules and Touring Plans, be sure to subscribe to Character Locator!


  1. Kenny, I saw on another website that Ariel was listed as “Ariel and friends” as was belle and Pooh. I only trust your site but can you confirm on party night if Ariel is alone or indeed with a “friend”?

  2. Ok here is my question. We will be at the party on Oct. 2nd my 5 yr old is a BIG grumpy fan and he wants to do the meet and greet. I on the other hand want to meet jack and Sally is there a way to do both and not waste party time? Or do I just need to bite the bullet and skip jack and Sally.

  3. We are going to MNSSHP on Thursday September 29th. If we line up for Jack and Sally around 4:45pm, how long do you expect the wait to be then? I have subscribed to your character locator but I would like to know what to expect so I can plan the rest of the evening.

    Is it better to greet them when they first come out or late in the evening around 11:00pm.?

    What about the not so popular characters like Aladdin & abu and Lotso, is it better to greet them late in the evening after the fireworks?

  4. Is it possible to go to 10:40 Spelltacular show and make 11:15 pm parade? Where would you recommend viewing parade from at that time after the show? I’m trying to fit in all my meets by 9:45 and then do fireworks, show and parade. Thank you!!!

  5. Okay, so I’ve never celebrated one of the holidays at Disney before. I think I’m a little confused, Do the characters only take pictures with you or do they also sign autographs? I ask because there are smaller groups (like Alice) and larger groups (like the 7 Dwarfs) and I’m not sure if the rules differ.

  6. Kenny, regarding Talking Mickey are you saying he does not talk during MNSSHP at Town Square? You also posted he changes clothing at 7pm were you referring to the Town Square Location?

  7. Hey Kenny!! Do you have complete list of characters at MNSSHP under the character locator subscription? This is the first time we are going and I want to make sure that everyone gets to see who they want during the party.

      • Jack and Sally actually start taking pictures with guests at the time posted in character locator? Just wanted to confirm since it was way before start of party time.

      • Last year they began that early at each party. Feel free to use Chat on Character Locator for questions over there as well.

  8. Hey Kenny. Was wondering how early should we get in line for Cruella De Vil before the party actually starts and will she be in storybook circus or somewhere else.

  9. I have a question, you said to be in line no later than 6 for the 7D, but if I want to be within the first ten families to meet them, when should I line up. Not trying to sound like a brat, but you might want to get rid of white rabbit.

  10. The top priority for my kids (age 5 and 7) is definitely jack and Sally. I read somewhere that their lines are significantly shorter during the 815 parade. Have you found that to be true? Waiting in line for an hour before (getting in line at 6) or during the parade is not desirable. Lol

      • So to be clear you are recommending getting in line 2 hours or more than the meet starts (5 pm or earlier) for jack and Sally? And the reason I assume is because wait times approach 2 hours DURING the party and then you are wasting party time ? Are the lines ever < 2 hours for jack and Sally therefore making this plan not make sense? Sorry I'm just really trying to figure out what to do here thanks again

      • Wait time exceed 2 hours and they arrive early. Additionally you are using zero actual party hours leaving you the full party for other characters. If you don’t line up early for some, you’ll use 1/3 or more of your party time.

    • Just a little FYI, we did the 2015 Halloween party in Oct. Jack and Sally were our highest priority. We got in line a little after 5 and still waited 2 hours. They’re very popular.

  11. What does it mean that they “cut the line” for characters? If you’re in line do you have to leave or they just don’t accept any more people?

    We’re planning a time the first weekend in September & I’m trying to have a good plan. Thanks for all the info!!

  12. I am focusing the 2016 halloween party on characters since most of them don’t meet regularly. I made all list of characters that I want to meet in chronological order

    1. get in line for 7 dwarfs at 6, meet them at 6:30
    2. I’ll get in in line for Witch, mom gets in line for Jafar right straight after meeting the dwarfs, meet her at 7 run to to meet Jafar at 7:05 ask attendant when Tarzan characters meet together
    3. get in line for Jack Sparrow at 7:30 meet at 8:00
    4. get in line for Lotso at 8:05ish, meet at 8:20-8:30
    5. come back later in the night to meet Tarzan characters
    6. get in line when Jasmine and Genie are meeting since they have 20 minute rotations, I will meet Abu and Aladdin

    Please respond and tell me if I should change any of my plans, change the order or characters, or if the characters come out even earlier or later than I planned. P.S. I am assuming I am going to the 7 dwarf’s, witch’s, Jafar’s, and Jack Sparrow’s first set.

  13. Hey Kenny! We have a large group of 12 attending the party in Sept. Was wondering if we can have a couple people hold our place in line at 6:00 for 7 Dwarves while everyone else rides, and then can they meet us in line right before 7:00. Is that something we can do, or is it frowned upon? Thanks!

  14. Thanks so much for all of the great information! I have never done character meet n greets before so I wanted to know, are we allowed to have photos taken with our own camera with characters or will we have to pay for whatever photos a Disney photographer takes?

      • Hi Kenny. I know it seems early but we are thinkibg to do Disney and MNSSHP this year. Just wondering whether MNSSHP has any impact on character poolozza at HS? Love your posts and character locator app! Really great advice! Using your advice last April we were able to meet over 35 characters – didn’t wait more than 20 mins for any.

  15. Do Buzz and Lotso both appear together or separate, and all night? We are going tomorrow and the schedule only says Buzz is there until 5:10pm. We are dressing up as Toy Story characters so wanted to see if we should visit him before the party starts just in case? Any advice?

  16. I was just going to poat the samething. Was there on Sept 15th and Mickey was dressed up and talking. We went in after the fireworks before the 2nd parade and probably waited 15-20 mins.

  17. Thank you for all you do. I have the chance to go to Mickeys Halloween party on either Columbis Day (October 12) or October 25. Your crowd calendar said Columbus Day the parks are pretty packed but than the Halloween parade gets more crowded the closer to Halloween it gets. Which date would you recommend?

  18. We were at MNSSHP on 9/22/15 and it was so very crowded! We made the mistake of waiting in line for Jack Sparrow, who was late, took his break on time, then late to return again. We wasted about 2 hours. Although he was good, they really should be aware of time/crowd management since guests pay extra for this crowded party. He could still display his talents while entertaining more guests at a slightly quicker pace. Really, seeing guests for more than 6-7 minutes, one by one, this line doesn’t move.

  19. Was watching some video of Club Villain from the very first Halloween party for 2015. Lady Tremain, step sisters, Jafar, Dr. Facilier and Cruella were all there. Are you advising Club Villain is now off the schedule
    for the remainder of the 2015 parties?

  20. I’m trying to print your map (following the directions provided) and there seems to be a pixel issue as it’s very blurry when trying to print. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you happen to have a pdf, like on your other maps, by chance?

  21. Hey Kenny!

    Do you happen to know which characters do autographs and which don’t? I collect autographs and was so upset last year when I waited like a half hour for pooh and the gang and they didn’t do autographs :(

    And tips so I don’t make the mistake again this year? I know jack and Sally don’t :(

  22. Hey Kenny! Thanks for your site and app! What’s your recommendation if I want to meet Jack and Sally and Cruella? I was thinking to line up for Jack/Sally before the party, and then Cruella during the 1st parade. But with them right next to each other, it would be so much more convenient to do Cruella right after Jack/Sally. But is the wait for her going to be so crazy at around 7:30 that we should just hoof it back to her during the 1st parade? Or any other idea to maximize time? Thanks for all your tips!

  23. hi, Do you know the programmation for this year already? are there a lot of changes with the things that you road on the character locator?

  24. Say I watch the second parade from in front of City Hall, will I definitely make it into the line for Jack & Sally when it is over? Or am I risking the line being closed already as it will be 11:15-11:30 by the time it ends?

  25. Kenny, I was wondering if you know where they say you can pick up your wristbands for the Halloween party besides the main entrance? We will already be in Magic Kingdom that day and would hate to have to go all the way back to the beginning.

    • I think there were stations in Adventureland and Tomorrowland, but they move that type of stuff around. Ask a CM after 4 pm

  26. So since the Princes aren’t meeting during MNSSHP do they meet anywhere (in the park or at dining) during the day? I am wondering because if not then I will rearrange their autograph books before printing. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  27. Kenny are the lines still long for Jack do you think two adults without kids could possibly make it to a lot of characters. I got your app thanks for the amazing app, however I just want to know if you think its possible to meet a lot in the limited time span?

  28. I just want to make sure I am reading your breakdown correctly. For example Jack Sparrow doesn’t come out until 9:45 and only stays until 10:30? Based on the listing above nang of the characters aren’t available for very long periods of time during the party.

  29. Do all of the meet and greets have a photographer? I was also wondering if characters still meet during the fireworks. DD and I are attending 2 parties with the first for parade, fireworks and soiree and the second night for characters, HM and trick or treating. We have 3 days at MK, so no need to do rides during the party. Can we accomplish anything during the fireworks and second parade? Thanks!

  30. Kenny is there anyway that you can post next to the character which ones sign and do not. I’m into the characters and what not but I really want to get some of the rarer autographs too.

  31. Will Jane and Tarzan be at the party every day because they are the only reason I really want to go, and I don’t want to buy a ticket then find out they are not there. I was planning on going in late September.

  32. I heard Cruella was at Villains Soiree, does that mean she’s at both the Soiree and the dance party? I saw a few pics from the Club Villain and she wasn’t in any of them.

  33. Thank you so much for all the awesome information!!! By any chance will you be able to find out if the Villians at the Soirée will be signing autographs or just taking pictures (specifically Maleficent and the Evil Queen).
    Thanks so much!!!

  34. Kenny, thanks for the great information, as always.

    I know in the past that Jack and Sally, the Dwarfs, and the Pooh unit do not sign autographs. Are there any other party meets where the characters will not sign?

  35. Is The Witch capable of signing autographs? If she is, will they just be handing out autograph cards like with Jack and Sally, or will she actually sign? I’m not sure if you know this, but I just thought to ask:)

  36. Thats for the update. My nephew LOVED the woody and jessie dance party!! He’ll be sad to see it go, but I guess we can now make time for the Monster inc dance party!

  37. Reblogged this on KennythePirate's Unofficial Disney World Guide and commented:

    I just completed updating the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Characters list and map with suggestions. Maleficent and The Queen from Snow White are eliminated from in-park meets and will be Soiree only and The Witch from Snow White was added to the rotation. Aurora and Cinderella are in Fantasyland and Minnie was moved to Storybook Circus.

  38. What time would you suggest getting in line for Snow White/Queen and Aurora/Maleficent? Do you anticipate them all being in one line or multiple lines? If we want to meet the Seven Dwarfs as well, when would you suggest to get in that line?

  39. Thanks for the update Kenny!
    I’m having an issue where I click on the map to make it a larger image, and instead of taking me to a picture of the map, it takes me to an image of your March 2015 crowd calendar?

  40. Such a helpful article. Captain Jack is our highest priority character, and I am leery about meeting him that late in the night for one reason: photograph quality. His are is very dim in most of the pictures I had seen, so originally I had hoped to do that first when it was still light outside. Is this something you would worry about, and if so, what is your alternate suggestion?

  41. hi there. we are going to attend MNSSHP for the first time on September 1st. Do you think you will have any updates by then?
    thank you, love the website, extremely helpful

  42. Loving this entire site, so helpful! Do you have a larger version of the MNSSHP character location map? I’m having trouble making out all the names on the one at the top of this page. Thanks.

  43. I’ve heard about having your picture taken with the Hitchhiking Ghosts (to be superimposed later and only available with PhotoPass) — is this still happening this year, and if so, what would you say the typical wait time/best strategy is to get that photo op? Thanks!

  44. We just got back and i have to say, this was such a fun event!! The wait times were very minimal for both rides and characters! I think it took longer to get on/off the monorail than it did for the rides :o) THe second parade was so much easier as we got a spot right next to the theater! As soon as the parade ended, we saw all three of the princesses/princes and Mickey & MInnie within 10 minutes!! THank you again for all the great advice, it was much appreciated!!!

  45. Hi !
    Once we get into a queue to meet characters are we sure to meet them even if their ”Meet & Greet Schedule” comes to an end. For example, if we get in a queue at 11:00 PM to meet Jack & Sally and we don’t get to the end of the line by 11:30 PM, do the characters leave and we don’t get to take a picture with them ? Do we have to get in line before 11:30 PM or get to the end of the line by that time?
    Do they show a wait time estimate ?

    Also, is there a way to take a picture of some characters without meeting them and waiting in a queue ? Even the most popular ones ?

    Thanks for answering.

    • If characters rotate with other characters, you may not meet the one you currently see. If they have stand alone meets, then yes they would “cut the line” if you weren’t able to join the line and meet the character. They may cut lines before the posted end times, and often do, based on line length approximation. Arrive early for any popular character any day or night! Only places that have wait times are Town Square Theater, Tink’s Nook and Ariel’s Grotto.

      Sure most of these pictures in this thread were taken without waiting for the characters.

  46. Thanks for all of the great info! I bought the app a few weeks ago and can’t wait to use it when we go in 3 weeks. If we watch the 10:30 parade in Frontierland and then go to see Aladdin and friends afterward, how long do you think the line would be? I know you can’t say exactly, but you are, after all, the expert!

  47. Bummed to read that Minnie won’t be meeting with Mickey in Town Square after 9/20. I was looking forward to photo with them together at the party as they aren’t together during the day anymore at MK.

  48. Thank you so much for the information! Do you know if Madame Carlotta and Madame Rinata sign autographs? My guess is they don’t, but my daughter will be dressed as a ghost (HM is her favorite ride), so I know she’ll at least want a picture.

  49. It looks like Lotso is where the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf were during January Long Lost Friends. Is that correct? Where is Jafar? In front of the Theater?

  50. So many of the characters during this night don’t “participate” in the night’s events? Is the time between 4 and 7 a good time to ride some of the most popular rides and meet some of the characters found throughout the park since only those with a special ticket can be in the park? We won’t be arriving until 4:30 or so to our resort on Nov. 1st – trying to decide if the party is something we want to do or not……first time to disney – is it worth it?

    • So many of the characters during this night don’t “participate” in the night’s events? (I don’t understand this portion) Characters are available for meets and some Villains do the Mix and Mingle show then meet.

      4 to 6 is a good time frame to do what you wish, but there aren’t many characters out then. Take a look at Characters > Magic Kingdom to see that.

      Halloween Party is my favorite and I feel it’s worth it for the characters, parade and fireworks.

  51. How late can you get in line for Mickey and Minnie? We were going to save them for last, after the 11:15 mix and mingle. Then see the princesses if time allows. Would you recommend this plan or see them earlier? Thanks!

  52. I know the waits to see the dwarfs and pooh will be long, but what about the other characters? Is it unrealistic to think we will be able to see the parade, fireworks and all of our favorite characters? Do you recommend seeing a particular Villains Mix and Mingle to have a better chance of having pics with more of the Villains? I am hoping we can see the ones we want in 2 mix and mingles. I am beginning to think we should go 2 nights! Our kids will be fine with no trick or treating. We can do that at home.

  53. We are planning on going this year. My question is…after the villains mix and mingle, how many of them can you expect to meet? We definitely want to meet Malificent, Cruella and Evil Queen. Capt Hook would be great too. Would it be best to wait until the latest mix and mingle or it just as crowded as the others? Or should you plan on going to multiple ones and getting to meet 1 or 2 each time. The villains and the 7 dwarfs are our main reasons we are going! Thanks!

  54. Have been to the second 2 parties in 2012. The rats Susie and perla (?) were in front of carousel both nights. Also Donald and daisy met there in front of tr carousel both nights as well. Lotso was in the HUB on the spoke to Adventureland both nights.

  55. Thanks again for doing this, Kenny!

    We’re flying over to Orlando later this week to attend the parties on the 21st and 25th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Suzy and Perla will make an appearance one of those night, as we’ve not met them. Does Madame Leota do meet and greets?

    Also, have you heard if the Disneyland MNSSHP will have any new characters this year? We live in LA, but opted to attend the party later in the season since we’re going to two in Orlando during our site visit.

  56. Hope you are feeling better, Kenny. What a nightmare!

    Any chance you can learn which characters meet during the parade and which ones don’t? As I am working on my plan for the party, this information would help a TON!

    And I am sad about Suzy and Perla. They were one of the ones top on my list to see! Hopefully they will be out visiting on our party night.

    Hope you are feeling better and the bugs didn’t go home with you.

    • I wish I could have composed a complete list, but I know Mickey and Minnie were still out and Duffy was available, I didn’t see Aladdin’s gang, Donald/Daisy, Pooh’s gang or Jack Sparrow out during the parade. I’d guess that Phineas and Ferb and Buzz stay out as they aren’t in parade.

  57. Were Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy still in their pirates and princess costumes from last year, or did they have new costumes?

    Also, is there any truth to the rumor that the speaking Mickey will be greeting guests at the party? Thanks.

  58. Suzy and Perla will not appear at every party. They just done with all their sewing so Cinderella let them make a special apperence…. :)

  59. Oh geez…bedbugs?!? What could be worse??? Sorry to hear that! Just to clarify, were you at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek or the Wyndham Grand Bonnet Creek? Thank you smuch for all of your info!!

  60. Another question, do the characters stay out during the parade for meet and greets? I assume the Hub characters won’t but maybe Tiana & Naveen, Aurora & Phillip and the rest of the Fantasyland characters. I was hoping to get some autographs during the first parade with shorter lines as we will be attending the second.

  61. Thanks for posting the map despite all the itching. Several of us have been eagerly anticipating your update. We’ll look forward to your full work-up. Hope you got some good pictures.

    Yours is the first report I’ve seen of Suzy and Perla at the party. Several are saying they were dropped. Hope they show up at all the parties and that the “late” characters begin to arrive on time. A question, when you have a moment. Did you see Cinderella’s carriage this year? No one seems to so have seen it. If so, where was it located?

  62. Yikes! Sorry for the bugs! I hope you feel better soon! Could you confirm if Cinderella’s Carriage was available and if so, where is it located? Thanks! :)

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