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All new design for Character Locator app coming soon.

 I’ve been hard at work redesigning the layout for the Disney World Character app.  Everyone seemed to love the content, but many weren’t fond of the design.  I heard a few times that it looked like a “webpage.”  My brother and I want to make it not only a great information source, but a great looking app as well.

In version 2 we’re hoping include some new features including ringtones, notification sounds, character wallpaper (just purchased a new Sony RX100 camera to take better quality photos) for your phone and character touring plans.  I’m hoping that you’ll be able to see characters in a given park at a glance with name, photo, location and current meet time.  Click on that character for the full schedule.  The new design will work well with iPhone layout as well.

Current subscribers will receive the new unlocked app at no additional cost.

What do you think about the changes?

Click on a park or special event icon and see an overview of the park’s characters that are available.  Click on a given character to see their full schedule as above.


  1. Looks good! While you are redoing stuff, I did find a typo in the current Android version. Under Animal Kingdom>Minnie>Interaction tips, you have, “the worst times to meet him are right after Lion King shows let out”. I’m sure it was copied from Mickey’s tip, but I think Minnie would appreciate the change to “her”. LOL

  2. This looks even better than the current version. I have the current paid version and can’t wait to use it in October, will there be an additional charge for all these extra features.

What do you think?

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