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Indiana Jones’ biggest (well littlest) fans





























After watching Indiana Jones stunt show yesterday, we waited around to meet Indy and saw these adorable young men waiting as well.  It turns out that these young Indy’s are some of Indiana Jones’ biggest fans.  Their family is well aware that Indiana Jones loves meeting his fans who are willing to stay around until all other guests have left the theater.

(Their parents granted us permission to take this photo and to post it on the blog)


  1. They are so adorable!!! This picture is great, I’m so glad they got to meet him!

    Kenny, do Indy and Marion sign autographs? I’ve heard reports that they sign “in character” but I’ve also heard that because they are revealed as stunt personnel in the show that they sign everything with their real names. Thanks!

  2. These boys are adorable!!!! Reminds me of when my baby sister (who’s now in middle school and no longer a baby) met Woody and Jessie @ MK and showed them all of her Toy Story stuff, including her little camera with a Jessie sticker on it. Making dreams come true like this for kids is what Disney is all about :)

  3. Love those boys!!! They are my heart , my everything. I can’t wait until all 3 of my boys are into Indiana Jones. The characters at the Indy show are Amazing and they have always went above and beyond making my children feel special. Love the cast and crew!!

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