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Character app coming soon! Input NEEDED


I’m excited to announce that my brother and I are almost ready to release version 1 of our first ever character app for Android users.  It will provide photos of each scheduled character, expandable maps to locate them, full schedules,  along with meeting and interaction tips for each character.  We will release an ad supported version or you can pay a small fee for a fully unlocked version without the ads.  (We hope to use any proceeds to create an Apple version in coming months.)
In version 2 we hope to add character plans for each park and the ability for each user to time their wait, report their finds and badges you can earn when completing meets!
Can you think of features you would like to see included? 
What do you think is a reasonable cost for this app understanding our mission to help everyone have positive character experiences?
$1.99, $2.99 or $3.99.  Or will you tolerate the annoying ads and go with the free version?


  1. Maybe a chat or forums feature ? As far as price is concerned, it is hard for me to say. I am a cheapo and all my apps are free and I just put up with the ads.

  2. This is a great idea! Is there any way you could set up a function that the user creates a list of characters to meet, and it will set up an itinerary for you? Or if you wanted to see a character more than once in a day, it would include different meeting times in your schedule?
    But even without that, it would be a fantastic app. You seem like a real great person for offering this info up for anyone. :)
    And I would totally pay on the iPhone, but, I’m not an Android user :(

  3. I would def pay 1.99 for this and typically don’t like to pay more than the usual $.99 for my apps, but I have been doing that for the page of apps I have ready for my Disney trip. BUT I need it for my iphone, when will that be ready? End of August?

  4. I would spend up to $3.99 on the App if it was on the Apple market because it is the only app on the market that has that detailed information, I have purchased WDW Quest and it seemed like it would be something that has the information your website provides but it is only to log the characters you have met and add your pictures to the app. I have a whole page of other Disney Apps that suggest they do similar things but do not function well. None of the apps I have seen or purchased have nearly the amount of information that your website does, I just end up referencing your website while I am in the park.

  5. I love the idea of the search function and the checklist. I think $1.99 is a price that most people would pay. Sure hope you have an Apple version before my early December trip!

  6. Cant wait for phone version. Definately drop down menu or organization per each park, obviously alphabetized to find (and agree search for character feature Wouk be nice) and alsonwaytp organize by land and time of day! Will there be touring plan like on your site?

  7. I think you could charge $1.99 for no commercials for the app.
    I like the idea of being able to find out who is in the parks that day and being able to type in the characters names and find where and when.

  8. Congrats on releasing an app! I think since it has such a specific focus, $1.99 seems like the price I’d like to pay (for iOS, not Android. Not sure if the pricing strategy varies between the two.).

  9. What about a character checklist per trip? Something to allow users tp put in trip dates and while at the park can keep track of what characters they meet.

  10. Im just surprised you haven’t done this yet! Off top of my head is say a search function so you can type “donald” in and it would return parks, locations, and times

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