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Sweepstakes entries: win your way to the magic!


Updated 8/20/2012

Two years ago I wrote the following article for my friend Matt Roseboom and Attractions Magazine’s Blog: http://attractionsmagazine.com/blog/2010/07/09/parksaver-how-to-win-your-way-to-the-magic/ In the article I mentioned a few easy steps to win your way to Disney (and other favorite destinations). My family and I have personally won numerous trips (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise and Adventures by Disney trip to China and Hong Kong Disneyland) and prizes using my simple tips and I’ve decided to share some Mickey dust and help you win too!

1. Step one: Use the right resources: I’m making it as easy as possible for you by placing all the contests in my usual simple table format. When I add a new contest, I’ll make it RED so you’ll know it’s new and I’ll add the new date to the top of the page. You won’t need to search the internet, because they are all here.

2. Tag multi-entry contests to your favorites. There’s no need to fill up your favorites with links that you’ll delete later when you can just tag this one page and visit it daily to process your entries!

3. Use the right tools. I use a program called “Roboform” that is free to download to autofill my pages. All you need to do is enter your basic data into the form and click that tab when you visit a page.

Multiple Entry Contests

Expiration Prize Web Link
8/20/12 4 night trip for 4 to Walt Disney World http://www.dadt.com/dfm/sweeps/play/index.html
8/28/12 4 night trip for 4 to Disney on Ice http://familyfun.go.com/sweepstakes/disney-on-ice-family-getaway-sweepstakes/
8/31/12 $10,000 Family field trip http://scottiespromotions.com/fieldtrip/Default.aspx
9/2/12 3 night trip for 4 to Disneyland http://disney.go.com/partners/makememories/
9/15/12 $200 Disney giftcard http://disney.go.com/memories/sweepstakes.html
9/30/12 4 night trip for 4 to Orlando http://www.visitorlando.com/promo/win-a-trip/
9/30/12 5 night Disney cruise for 4 http://disneycruiseadventure.com/
9/30/12 2 night trip for 2 to Walt Disney World http://www.riuniteracing.com/sweepstakes/
10/1/12 2 night trip for 2 to Cirque du Soleil http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/promo/2012/contest/cirque-club-access-2012.aspx
10/1/12 2 night trip for 4 to San Diego http://www.sunmaidoffer.com/play
10/1/12 4 night trip for 4 to Orlando http://promo.espn.go.com/espnradio/mobilsuper/
10/5/12 3 night trip for 4 to Walt Disney World http://www.sfmemoria.com/
11/30/12 3 night trip for 4 to Legoland http://www.quakeroats.com/lifecereal/Contest.aspx

Special Rules Contests

Expiration Prize Entries Web Link
8/7/2012 4 night trip for 4 to Disneyland Once month https://www.dreamsuitesweeps.com/enter_sweepstakes
8/31/2012 3 night trip for 4 to Walt Disney Studios Single http://www.ultimatebacklot.com/
8/31/2012 4 night trip for 4 to Aulani 54 entries http://www.disneymovierewards.go.com/promotions/sweepstakes/johncartersweeps?cmp=dmov_dmr_fbk_swpb_johncartersweeps
9/16/12 2 night trip to Disneyland Single http://www.verizoninsider.com/lightningspeed
12/31/2012 7 night Disney Cruise for 2 Single http://www.sunsweeps.com/enter-to-win
12/31/2012 2 night trip for 2 to Universal Hollywood Five entries http://universal.promo.eprize.com/100thanniversary/


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