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KennythePirate’s Walt Disney World Touring Plans

Great Touring Plans for Disney World, many include character meet and greets!  Play More and Wait Less with my new plans featured on Character Locator.  I’ve tried to make the prep process of touring WDW as easy as possible, especially for those on their first visit.

Magic Kingdom Touring Plans

Magic Kingdom Characters ONLY plan
  Magic Kingdom LATE Extra Magic Hours Adventureland, Frontierland & Liberty Square Plan
  Magic Kingdom LATE Extra Magic Hours Fantasyland Plan including Ariel and Anna & Elsa
  Magic Kingdom Late Extra Magic Hours Fantasyland with Peter Pan Flight Plan
  Magic Kingdom LATE Extra Magic Hours Fantasyland with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  Magic Kingdom LATE Extra Magic Hours Tomorrowland Plan
  Magic Kingdom Princess Character Plan
  Two Day Magic Kingdom Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 1 Fantasyland and Tomorrowland
  Two Day Magic Kingdom Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 2 Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square

Epcot Touring Plans


Epcot Christmas Storyeller’s Plan
  Epcot EXTREME Touring Plan
  Epcot Furs Touring Plan
  Epcot Future World Touring Plan with characters and rides beginning with Soarin
  Epcot Future World with characters and rides beginning with Test Track
  Epcot LATE Extra Magic Hour Plan including Characters and Soarin
  Epcot LATE Extra Magic Hour Plan including Characters and Test Track
  Epcot Princess Character Plan
  Epcot Rides without Fastpass Plan beginning with Soarin
  Epcot Rides without Fastpass Plan beginning with Test Track
  Epcot Touring Plan for Little Children
  Epcot World Showcase Touring Plan including Characters and Rides

Hollywood Studios Touring Plans


Hollywood Studios ADRENALINE Plan
  Hollywood Studios Characters ONLY with 8:00am opening
  Hollywood Studios Characters ONLY with 9:00am opening
  Hollywood Studios EXTREME Touring Plan with an 8:00 am opening and closing at least 9:30 PM
  Hollywood Studios for Little Children
  Hollywood Studios LATE Extra Magic Hours Plan
  Hollywood Studios Rides without Fastpass
  Two Day Hollywood Studios Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 1
  Two Day Hollywood Studios Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 2

Animal Kingdom Touring Plans


Animal Kingdom 8:00 AM opening or 8:00 AM Extra Magic Hour Touring Plan
  Animal Kingdom Families with Little Children Touring Plan
  Animal Kingdom for Characters ONLY Plan
  Animal Kingdom rides without Fastpass
  Animal Kingdom with Characters and Rides for Cold Weather Months
  Animal Kingdom with Characters and Rides for Warm Weather Months
  Animal Kingdom with Characters and Rides Late Arrival Plan

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Touring Plans

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Plan
  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Plan with a focus on rides and candy
  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Plan with a focus on Shows, Parade and Fireworks

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Touring Plans

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Plan
  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Plan with a focus on rides and cookies
  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Plan with a focus on Shows, Parade and Fireworks.

Star Wars Weekends Touring Plans

NOTE: Star Wars Weekends Plans will be updated
  Star Wars Weekends – One day Star Wars character plan
  Star Wars Weekends THREE Day Do It All Plan – Day ONE
  Star Wars Weekends THREE Day Do It All Plan – Day THREE
  Star Wars Weekends THREE Day Do It All Plan – Day TWO
  Star Wars Weekends with a Focus on the Shows
  Star Wars Weekends with focus on Rides Shows and Shopping 

Extreme Character Touring Plan

Ultimate Tours


  1. Does Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire occur on afternoons of the MNSSHP? I know your schedule currently shows times between 4-6 p.m. and we did not know if we would be able to catch that before the Halloween Party starts

  2. We are doing Be Our Guest Breakfast…do you think we can hit 7DMT then Peter Pan before the lines get too long? I hope we can reuse those fast passes for something else…or keep them and ride again!

  3. Do you think if we are doing HS on 10/6 when the hours are short 6 p.m. close we would have enough time to do the following. We are wondering if we need to keep cutting our plan. Buzz&Woody, Midway Mania, Green Army Men, Sofia, Beauty & Beast Show, Frozen sing-Along, Olaf, Indiana Jones show, Little Mermaid, Movie Ride, Muppet Vision, One Man’s Dream, Jawas, Stich Kylo Ren & Chewbacca? We are doing the Mickey Characters at another park. Our daughter is only 42 inches so we cannot do a lot of the rides. They also gave us 3 extra FP’s since they had to cancel our dinner reservations at 50’s diner, which they said will not be limited on the tiers. Thanks as always Kenny for helping people out with your Character Locator.

      • Cool thanks! We were starting to worry that it might not happens. Been using your touring plans and just doing some deleting. The kids laugh at me are you on Kenny the Pirates site again looking at Disney stuff. They will appreciate it on their first visit.

    • I’ll have both parks adjusted this week. Need to observe Epcot a little before nailing down my recommendations.

  4. We’re doing 5 days in mid august and want to split the days up so we can take the kids back to the resort to rest/cool off in the afternoons. What plans would you recommend? Aug 15-19. We were thinking of DHS on Monday, MK on Tuesday and Thursday, AK on Wednesday and Epcot on Friday. Thanks.

  5. Technically spending 3 days at Magic Kingdom (see below)* and my mind is spinning with possibilities. Fastpass deadline is approaching and I am stuck. Any advice? Priorities? Fantasy land/Tomorrowland Friday because of lunch reservation? Or is that a mistake with EMH?
    *Sunday 9/18 with 7:30 pm dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare
    *Tuesday 9/20 MNSSHP
    *Friday 9/23 Morning EMH with 12:25 lunch reservations at Be Our Guest
    Just so confused!

  6. Kenny – we are going to WDW 6/30-7/7. Would you recommend going to a water park on 7/4 instead of one of the regular parks? Plan on watching the fireworks from the beach at Polynesian! Thanks!

  7. Hello
    I selected our touring plans a while back and made some modifications for our family. At HS we plan to use the extreme touring plan for 9AM opening. With the closings at HS, and the addition of some SW stuff, can you recommend how we might best organize HS plans now?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Kenny, I was looking for suggestions for touring plans to see the best Topiaries during the Epcot garden show this March. We will be at Epcot only a half day. Want to hit as many garden views and outdoor things during this short time. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kenny! I know your specialty is Disney World but I was wondering if you have some insight on attending Disneyland paris? I know you have visited there in the past and I was wondering if you have suggestions for doing the whole Magic Kingdom in a day? Do you know of any reliable sites for crowd calenders there? We want to get the most out of DLP so if we have to do 2 days we any not opposed either.
    Thanks in advance!

    • My friend Rob is my Paris expert. I left my trip plan up to him and he did a great job. He knows crowds and such there. If you really want to take it all in, I recommend 2 days at least. We did 2 in DLP and one in Studios. If you give me possible dates, I could ask about crowds there.

      • Thank you so much! We will be in Paris from May 30 to June 3 so we don’t have a ton of wiggle room but I want to enjoy it as best as possible! Thanks in advance for anything you can get me.

  10. Hi Kenny – Thanks for this great site. I did sign up my email for information. Can you please answer a few questions? If I need to send to you using your e-mail address, just let me know – but I’ll try here first. Our family of 10 is going to WDW May 21-28 (Sat-Sat) 2016. (3 families) 1) Us (the grandparents), 2) our son & daughter-in-law & 2 teen girls (ages 16 & 19) – & they have all been to WDW about 4 times. We, the grandparents, have been more than that including 12/31/1999!! 3) Our daugher and her husband and their 2 boys (ages 6 & 8) – daughter has been there before, 3xs- last time age 16 – but her husband, just once for short period, and their 2 young sons (6, 8) have never been there. Booked 3 rooms at Yacht Club. Purchased 10 – 5-day Park Hoppers, + Water Parks + Meal Plan & Memory Maker. Whew! Looked at your May 2016 Calendar Planner for colors of parks. Can you suggest best Parks to hit (each day Sun-Fri) to visit starting with Sunday, March 22nd (full day). (On our Sat. arrival afternoon – we’ll go to Springs & Boardwalk and/or pool.) Normally, would prefer to take kids to Epcot PRIOR to getting them to Magic Kingdom. From past experience – kids usually can appreciate & LOVE Epcot, especially if they haven’t been to Magic Kingdom FIRST. But that Sunday, May 22 shows Epcot I believe as a Red, and MK as Green – instead of Vice Versa – which I’d prefer. #1) Do you think we should go for it anyway – going to Epcot ANYWAY first on May 22, followed by one of the other parks – picking out the green or yellow days if possible?
    #2) We also have the Meal Plan – of 1+1+1 – any suggestions on best places to eat using the plan – and where we should definitely consider reservations (not character ones though.)
    #3) Do you know if the refillable mugs they provide with the meal plans are refillable anywhere in the Parks or Water Parks?
    If this is too long – please respond and tell me if I need to contact you another way. Thanks so much Kenny. I wish you were around for all those years we went before – but the internet was not or barely around then! THANKS! Andrea

    • Best parks to visit are suggested by the green blocks. Epcot is yellow on Sunday, MK is bad on Mondays, but doable if you arrive early and use a good plan from http://www.characterlocator.com.
      Meals – my favs Epcot: Italy, Japan MK: Be Our Guest and avoid tony’s (yuck)
      Mugs are ONLY refilled at resorts.

      • Thanks so much! You gave a quick reply. Maybe we’ll go with your color suggestions and do MK on Sunday and Epcot on Monday, although I would prefer to do Epcot first. But I trust your color suggestions and judgement. That’s what you do! Thanks again Kenny.

      • Hi Kenny – Signed up as a ‘user’ for your site to get the detailed plans etc. Your site and info is a blessing! Another question please. We also each have purchased a ticket that gives us 5 visits to the Water Parks. B.B. or Typh Lag. We have been to B.B. 2 or 3 x’s. Do you have a recommended favorite? AND – do you provide color coded suggested days to visit either? – Will be there 5/21 arrival – 5/28 departure. Looking at possible Water Park Visits either 5/25 Weds, or 5/26 Thurs ?? Suggestions? Thanks so much. Andrea

      • I love typhoon lagoon. Feels more relaxing. Crush n Gusher is my favorite ride too. Haven’t added recommendations for water parks yet. Perhaps by this summer. Don’t have enough data to be firm, but Mon-Wed are usually great and Saturdays are bad in warm months. Arrive early and use that plan or arrive late and use that plan for little waiting.

      • Kenny – It’s Andrea B. Another question please? We are going 5/21-5/28 this year – and using your color coded calendar to make our decisions on which park, which day. A friend, who goes often, apparently uses another site regularly, and showed us what their calendar and recommended parks those dates, and it is different ? We trust what yours says. Your crowd calendar for 5/22/16 (Sunday) says Animal Kingdom is a green day. Their crowd calendar same date says it is a very bad day!! Their site is touringplans.com. Please confirm that we should trust yours (because we want to!) Thanks so much for your help. Andrea B.

      • Kenny – – Love it! :) OKAY – we’re going to trust your calendar. Thanks again for the quick reply. Andrea B.

  11. Hi KTP – thanks for all of the great information you provide. Couple of questions – we are going to MNSSHP on Oct 8 and have reservations for the Happy Hallowishes Dessert Package. 1. WDW suggests we meet for the parade at 7:30 pm at the flagpole – is it necessary to get there that early since the parade doesn’t start until 8:30pm? Also, hw would you suggest we handle character meet and greets around this special ticketed event?

  12. Thanks for the information you provide; I recently made an additional donation for all your efforts. I really appreciate it! Your site and AllEars are my information headquarters. We have gone at least annually for the past twelve and this will be our first during the busy holiday period, Dec 21 through Jan 1. I see the schedule for the storytellers, do you plan to create any other touring plans that will encompass touring during the crazy holiday crowds?

  13. Love your touring plans! They worked so well for our summer trip last year. Hoping you add more soon so we can use then again for our June 2015 trip!

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