1. I jiust renewed for the app, last time I used it was in September 2014. Does the app look different? It used to have icons in blue at the top that you could click on and now its just all words for or a drop down menu, or am I doing something wrong? I logged on on Safari on my iPhone and added to my home page, is that all I need to do?

    • We made significant improvements. We’ve added touring plans, crowd calendar, chat, trivia and more.
      Character Locator is web based only. This allows us to make it available for every phone and computer.

      With the iPhone open http://www.characterlocator.com and
      2. Touch the icon, at the bottom of the browser, with the up arrow.
      Then press “Add to Home Screen”.

      Now when you open that shortcut it works just like an app.

      • Kenny. I am interested in creating a customized plan ( that I purchase through you ) we are attending Disney through make a wish . We will have the genie pass .. Would that affect how you create our customized plan ? Our children are 2&3. We have 3 days at magic kingdom . 2 days at universal .. And 1 day at sea world . We have read that universal might not be necessary to attend because it is more geared towards adults and teens .. And feedback is appreciated .. And I hope we have the opportunity to make a customized itenerary

  2. I am trying to purchase the app on my phone, but when I am at the “register” page I continually get told that my emails don’t match. I have done it several times. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

  3. I’m planning for my trip, and can’t find my app anywhere on my phone or in the play store… any suggestions? Is it gone for good? Do I just need to go online from now on?

  4. Hi Kenny, I’ve subscribed to the Character Locator and am looking into the touring plans. My boys will be 4 and almost 2, so we’ll need to nap in the middle of the day. I feel like I’m needing bits and pieces from some of each plan. In general, if I stick with your same general outline (where I notice the same rides in the morning on many plans/same rides getting fastpasses at the similar times on many plans), do you think we’ll be ok to plan a successful touring plan on our own based off the ones you have so far? Thanks for all your knowledge!

    • If you use the same basic order and skip a few things you’ll have the same results. Only thing that will mess you up is trying to move around meet and greets

  5. Kenny, will you be posting live updates about the characters and wait time during the first MNSSHP party on 09/15? It’d be great if you do. It’s my first party and your app would be such a lifesaver. Thank you

    • I’ll be posting live updates to my facebook and twitter feeds. Character meet times will be updated on Character Locator as well.

  6. i bought the app for my galaxy 3 and now have a galaxy 5 and the app doesn’t work, something comes up that says it’s not supported.

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