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If you are interested in advertising with one of the fastest growing Disney information sites on the internet, you should sign up below immediately!  Do you provide stroller rentals, limo rentals, tour guide services, Disney Vacation club rentals, food delivery services or wish to advertise your attraction in the Disney World area in central Florida?  This is the place to advertise.

What does this cost? An advertiser can purchase ads for as little as $100 and ceiling is only limited by your advertising budget!

Here’s a few stats that demonstrate the continued growth of kennythepirate.com:

  • Over 14 million views in 2022
  • Almost 80,000 Facebook followers
  • Over 37,000 private Facebook group members
  • Thousands of dedicated email subscribers

All of our posts are shared with these social media offerings, plus other exposure opportunities like Google search and Google news views.

In an effort to simplify ad purchasing on my site, I’ve entered an agreement with my media partner Mediavine.  This agreement allows them to control my advertising sitewide..  It’s a simple process and you can set your budget on the simplified page.  


Join one of the fastest growing Disney themed travel websites!

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