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Full Guide to Using Lightning Lane Multi-Pass and Single Pass

Full Guide to Using Lightning Lane Multi-Pass and Single Pass

Disney is renaming Genie+ and going back to its roots with more features we loved about FastPass+. There are a few key differences, though, so make sure you check out this full guide!

Lightning Lane Changes

Screenshot: Disney

By now, you surely know the story: Disney retired FastPass+ when the parks closed in March 2020. In late 2021, they introduced Genie+ as the new skip-the-standby line option for Guests to use in the parks.

This was met with a lot of frustration and anger from Guests and fans. For one, FastPass+ was a free service. And two, the option to pre-plan your day was gone.

Disney is looking to bring a mixture of FastPass+ and Genie+ together that benefits both the company and the Guest. Disney will still profit from offering this service, and Guests will be able to pre-plan their selections.

How to Purchase

Lightning lane multi pass
Credit: Disney

As mentioned above, this service is not called Genie+ or FastPass+. It is called Lightning Lane Multi Pass. In addition, what was previously called Individual Lightning Lane Selections is now called Lightning Lane Single Pass.

This new system rolls out on July 24, 2024. In the meantime, here is what we know about purchasing it so far. Onsite Guests will be able to purchase and make selections 7 days ahead of their arrival date. Offsite Guests will be able to do so 3 days ahead. Selections can be made for the entire trip up to 14 days, and you can purchase them at 7:00 am Eastern Time.

Lightning lane multi pass 2
Credit: Disney

Pricing will remain variable, but with a shorter booking window Disney is more accurately able to offer the pricing it wants to for any given date.

You will be able to purchase Multi Pass and Single Pass in one transaction, which will make the process streamlined and a bit easier to manage. We also assume you will be able to purchase multiple dates in one transaction as well, but we cannot confirm that until it goes live.

Unfortunately, International Guests other than Canadians cannot book until they arrive in the United States. Canadians will be able to book ahead of time.

Making Selections

Disney Genie Lightning Lane
Credit: Donna

Once you have purchased the dates and passes you want, you will be able to make 3 selections in the app only (no website). Just like FastPass+ there will be tiers. You will be able to make 1 selection in Tier 1 and 2 selections in Tier 2. Or, you can make all 3 selections in Tier 2.

For a full list of the attractions and which tier they belong in, see this post HERE. Note that character meet and greets and some other attractions that were previously offered with Genie+ are not included in the Multi Pass. That may be a day-of option, but this is not likely the case.

It’s also important to note that your 3 selections can only be made for one park. If you want to modify your 3 selections from one park to another, you will need to pay any price difference if the new park is more expensive. The same holds true if you want to modify your selections to a different date.

You Can't Buy Individual Lightning Lanes at Disney World Right Now
Credit: Kate

For Single Pass, you will be able to select the time slot you wish to ride the attraction. This aspect remains largely unchanged from what it is now. The only difference (that we know of so far) is that you can select it ahead of time.

Being able to pre-plan your selections is great for working around dining reservations and other plans. We also think the 7-day window is great. It’s a good middle ground for the 60 day window for FastPass+ and day of selections for Genie+.

In the Park

Disney Takes Steps to Begin the Big Magic Kingdom Expansion
Credit: Susan

On the day of your visit, there are just a few things to note to ensure you are making the most of what you are paying for. Once you use a Lightning Lane you can book an additional Lightning Lane at any park. You do not need to wait to use all 3 to book another. Here is where a little strategy can go a long way!

For instance, let’s say you are starting your day at Magic Kingdom and plan to hop to Epcot later. Make your first 3 selections at Magic Kingdom. Once you have used your first Lightning Lane, you can continue making them for Magic Kingdom or you can make one for Epcot (tiers do not apply).

Even if you plan on riding more than 3 rides at Magic Kingdom, you may want to consider making some selections at Epcot for popular attractions. Let’s use this example:


Credit: Susan

At Magic Kingdom, I have selections for Space Mountain at 9:00 am, Haunted Mansion for 10:00 am, and Pirates of the Caribbean for 11:00 am. I also want to ride Big Thunder Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Then, I want to hop to Epcot to ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After.

That is a pretty ambitious plan, but here is how to make that work. After riding Space Mountain make a return time for Frozen Ever After for whatever time is available (you can modify times if needed). Then, after riding Haunted Mansion select a return time for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Once you have used your final selection for Pirates of the Caribbean then you can then grab your return time for Big Thunder Mountain. Finally, after Big Thunder, book and ride Winnie the Pooh. Then, you are all set to go at Epcot with two return times already booked! Once you get to Epcot and use that first Lightning Lane, you can continue booking at Epcot (or other parks if you want to hop again).

This is why it’s important to do some research ahead of time and know what is popular in each park. If you grab all your Lightning Lanes for Magic Kingdom before even thinking about Epcot, those Epcot attractions may be unavailable.

Other FAQ

Credit: Monica
  • Q: Can I ride the same attraction multiple times with Multi Pass?
  • A: No, you can only use Multi Pass once per attraction. Otherwise, you will need to use the standby line.
  • Q: Do I still have to wake up at 7:00 am on the day of my visit?
  • A: Only for Virtual Queues at Magic Kingdom and Epcot (currently).
  • Q: Do tiers apply for any selections made after the first 3 pre-booked selections?
  • A: No, tiers do not apply for subequent selections!
  • Q: Does the 120-minute rule still apply?
  • A: As stated throughout this guide, you can make a new selection as soon as you use one. You can hold up to 3 at any time.
Credit: Kate
  • Q: Is anything changing at Disneyland Resort in California?
  • A: No changes other than the name!
  • Q: Does everyone need to be linked?
  • A: Yes, everyone needs to be linked on MDE so Disney can distinguish onsite and offsite Guests.
  • Q: Can I cancel and get a refund?
  • A: No, Disney states all sales are final. You can modify selections but you cannot cancel and get a refund.

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Thursday 27th of June 2024

I have a stay for July 20-27, which this takes effect on the 24th. So will I be able to do my advance purchase 7 days prior to July 24th or is July 24th the start date for stays 7 days after it?


Tuesday 2nd of July 2024

@Monica Street, so just to clarify I won't be able to purchase the 7 days in advance for my July 24 and beyond dates?

Monica Street

Thursday 27th of June 2024

You'll use Genie+ through July 23. Then, on July 24 you can purchase and make selections for the rest of your trip.

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