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The Exclusive Club 33 is Getting its Own Movie

The Exclusive Club 33 is Getting its Own Movie

A movie may be the closest most of us get to Club 33, but we can still dream, am I right? Here’s everythig we know so far about this exclusive Disney club getting its own movie.

Club 33

Credit: Kate

Club 33 is a private membership club with a variety of tailored experiences for its members. The club was founded by Walt Disney himself and has venues at Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland. It began as a place for Walt to host VIPs and corporate sponsers.

According to Disney, it’s called Club 33 because the original venue was located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.

Individual memberships were opened to the public just six months after Walt Disney died. Memberships are very expensive, and those who can afford it wait years and years to be included.

Movie Treatment

Credit: Monica

While most of us will never step foot in a Club 33 lounge, we now all have the opportunity to watch a movie about it. Not as glamorous, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

The movie is said to have a Clue/Night at the Museum vibe and is being written by ‘Goosebumps’ writer Darren Lemke.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story centers on Kim, a young aspiring detective living in present-day New York, who receives a mysterious invite to the highly secretive Club 33. In this case, it’s a magical and exclusive dining club that exists outside of time and space.

The club’s members are the greatest and most iconic members from the past: geniuses, royalty and history-makers. When a murder is committed on the premises, the patrons look to Kim to solve it.

Inspiration from Theme Parks

Credit: Maggie

Club 33 is just the latest park attraction to receive the movie treatment, and it shows Disney is serious about getting inspiration from the parks.

At this time, the movie is in the early stages and we do not have a timeline yet for when it will hit theaters. Stay tuned though because we will share that information as it becomes available!

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