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Disney World Buses are Getting a Big Upgrade

Disney World Buses are Getting a Big Upgrade

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While not the most efficient form of transportation, Disney World buses are probably the most used. The fleet is about to get a big upgrade that will make your trip much more smoother and enjoyable.

Disney Buses

Credit: Kate

Disney buses are the most widespread transportation available at Disney World. Even if you stay at a Monorail or Skyliner resort, you will still likely take a Disney bus somewhere.

While the Monorail and Skyliner only have access to two theme parks, Disney buses can get to any theme park as well as Disney Springs.

Animal Kingdom is only accessible via bus, and many resorts like the All-Stars and Animal Kingdom Lodge only utilize bus transportation.

Credit: Susan

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Big Upgrade

Credit: Disney

Disney World will bring 90 new buses to its fleet in 2024! There is some good news and bad news with this.

The bad news is these buses are replacing older ones, meaning there won’t be more buses to use. But, the good news is they are replacing older ones. Ha!

Another bit of good news with this information is that accessibility upgrades will make your trip more efficient and enjoyable. A QUANTUM system will be in place, which allows a mechanical arm to quicky lower and secure the ECV or other mobility device.

What does this mean for you?

Credit: Disney

By utilizing a more efficient way of securing ECVs, this will decrease the amount of time spent getting these devices on the bus. This means you will be on your way much sooner!

We are excitd to see these new buses in action with all the amazing features!

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