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Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show is Not to be Missed

Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show is Not to be Missed

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You don’t have to love horror movies and characters to enjoy this fabulous show. See details here on why you need to see the Horror Make-Up Show on your next Universal visit.

Horror Make-Up Show

Credit: Monica

Come and watch the fascinating live show where talented make-up and special effects artists create the creepy characters you’ve seen in movies.

Be sure to check out the cool props and monster makeovers located in the lobby.

You’ll be able to see movie clips, props, and interactive demonstrations that offer funny and interesting insights into the movie-making process.

Hilarious Hosts

universal horror makeup show hosts knife in shirt
Credit: Susan

I’m (Susan) not a huge horror movie fan but still enjoyed this show so much! Fellow writer, Monica, and I both felt that it was one of the highlights of our visit.

Show hosts have a very loose script that follows the same basic elements, but improvise jokes and jabs throughout the performance.

The hosts fed off each other in a hilarious way that kept the entire audience in stitches. And, the show was informative and entertaining.

Audience Participation

universal horror makeup show knife cutting arm trick
Credit: Susan

The audience is a huge part of the Horror Make-Up Show. The hosts encourage participation and keep the audience engaged.

A “volunteer” is picked for demonstrations that added so much to this amusing show.

It was also really cool to see how various horror tricks are performed. We saw how movies recreate an arm getting chopped off by the type of fake blade used and so much more.

History of Horror Genre

Universal's Horror Make-Up Show is Not To Be Missed
Credit: Susan

Hosts shared that Universal created the horror-genre movies. I didn’t realize that! As part of the show, there are movie clips depicting various monsters through the years.

It looks gory with all of the bloody limbs and heads, but the show kept things light with humor.


Credit: Susan

Monsters are a huge part of horror movies. And this show doesn’t disappoint.

This part of the show was most unexpected in a wonderful way!

Without revealing spoilers, make sure you keep your eyes on this monster because you never know what is going to happen.

What Does This Mean To You?

Credit: Monica

I was hesitant to see this show because I thought it would it would be gory and bloody. However, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

Comedy is the main element of the Horror Makeup Show.

One thing to note is that the host joked about a child smoking. This didn’t offend us, but it’s something to consider if you have younger children. Some of the elements may be scary for younger children, too.

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