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Knowing These Crucial Tips Will Save You Money at Disney World

Knowing These Crucial Tips Will Save You Money at Disney World

For a stress-free Disney or Universal Studios vacation, let the FREE expert planners at Royal Carriage Vacations take care of every detail including dining reservations, applying discounts, and onboard cruise credit.

Disney World vacations cost money, and knowing some crucial tips will actually help you SAVE! Check out our best tips that will save you precious minutes and dollars.

Tip #1: Virtual Queues

Adorable Cosmic Rewind Wishables and More are Coming Soon
Credi: Monica

Virtual queues are in place for popular attractions that do not utilize traditional standby lines (currently, TRON and Cosmic Rewind). They are a lottery-based system, which means you may not receive a boarding group to ride.

In the unfortunate event that you do not receive a boarding group, the alternative is to pay money to ride via the Lightning Lane entrance. This can be $15-20+ per person which can add up quickly for one family.

Because of this, it it is crucial to understand how the virtual queue works! Your Royal Carriage Vacations travel agent will inform you about the different options available to you and the important release times for the options. Plus, I can work with you to share the best strategy for your family’s preferences.

Tip #2: Genie+

Credit: Monica

Understanding Disney Genie+ strategies and which attractions are best for your travel party will maximize your fun and minimize your cost. Your Royal Carriage Vacation travel agent guides you through the different options and the best strategies when it comes to Genie+. In addition, I know which attractions to prioritize as your first selection, second, and so forth.

Since some attractions will sell out of their Disney Genie+ reservations prior to the end of day, it is critical to understand which rides to prioritize to ensure you receive the Disney Genie+ reservations you prefer.

Knowing the best strategy and critical tips for Disney Genie+ may be the difference between waiting 20 minutes vs 2 hours for your family’s preferred attractions. Experience the magic made easy through your Royal Carriage Vacations travel agent’s Disney Genie+ expertise.

Tip #3: Individual Lightning Lanes

Credit: Monica

Did you know not all attractions are available with Genie+? The most popular attrations require an additional cost to ride via the Lightning Lane entrance!

However, your Royal Carriage Vacations agent knows all the best tips and tricks to get you on these popular attractions without needing to wait 1-3 hours and without having to pay for the Individual Lightning Lane!

Credit: Kate

This will save your family precious minutes and dollars, so you can spend that time and money on other magical experiences. See the details below to find out how to get started with Royal Carriage Vacations!

Using a Travel Agent can help you navigate the ins and outs of planning! I am here to help! Please fill out this form and put my name (Monica) in the Special Request box.

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