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Did Disney World Just Cancel This Refurbishment?

Did Disney World Just Cancel This Refurbishment?

Refurbishments happen all the time at Disney World. But, seeing a previously scheduled refurbishment canceled? That’s pretty rare.


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It seems like every day something at Walt Disney World is either closing or reopening from a scheduled refurbishment. Attractions, shops and even restaurants close for any given reason. Refurbishments can sometimes last for a brief moment of time or they can be months.

Whatever the reason, Disney refurbishments are necessary. After all, it’s a great way to ensure everything is up to date or in good working condition! However, they will affect your day if you are visiting while it is happening. It is good to be aware of what might be closed ahead of your trip so you can adjust plans accordingly.

See our master list of refurbishments HERE.

Walt Disney Presents

Credit: KtP

You can find Walt Disney Presents at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Animation Courtyard. If you love Disney history and want to learn about Walt Disney, this is the place for you!

Guests can find all sorts of artwork, models and photos on display. After browsing, enjoy watching Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. The short 15-minute long documentary is all about Walt Disney’s life and legacy.


Credit: KtP

We recently shared that Walt Disney Presents was set to undergo a brief refurbishment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from February 12 to March 1. It was scheduled to reopen on March 2.

However, that refurbishment is now off Disney World’s refurbishment calendar. Perhaps this is a simple glitch, or maybe Disney decided to cancel the refurbishment. We are unsure, but we will keep you posted if Walt Disney Presents does indeed close on February 12.

Do you enjoy Walt Disney Presents? Are you happy to see the refurbishment potentially canceled? Let us know in the comments below, and share this post with a friend who is visiting in February.

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John Rende

Wednesday 24th of January 2024

It’s the most IMPORTANT attraction in all of Disney world!!!!!!!!!!!!

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