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WHO is Coming to Disney+ with a New Series!

WHO is Coming to Disney+ with a New Series!

Get your sonic screwdrivers ready because new episodes with our fan favorite time traveler and companion are coming to Disney+ for the 60th anniversary! See when they begin and just WHO will be the returning Doctor along with an exciting trailer.

Dr. Who


Doctor Who features the adventures of a time traveler (Time Lord) called the Doctor. Whenever he says he’s “The Doctor,” people respond, “Doctor Who?” (Thus, the name of the series, Doctor Who.) However, his name is never revealed to viewers.

This British science fiction series has been broadcast on BBC since 1963. Although he takes on the form of a human, he is actually an extraterrestrial being. He values the importance of every human being and sets course to help those in trouble.

He travels through time on the iconic Tardis, resembling a blue British police booth, which could be found everywhere in Britain back in the 1960s. Although there have been several doctors (played by various actors), David Tennant is one of the best!

Star Beast


Get set for three epic adventures starting with The Star Beast debuting on November 25. Are you as excited as I (Susan) am that Donna and the tenth doctor are back? Of all the Doctor Who companions, it seems that Donna’s ending was the worst with her losing her memories of their adventures together.

However, now she gets a second chance! The Doctor and Donna finally come face to face after all these years. Just how, and why, is about to be revealed in the first episode.

The Doctor and Donna come face to face after so many years in The Star Beast episode debuting November 25.

Wild Blue Yonder


The episode, Wild Blue Yonder will debut on December 2. I cannot wait to see even more adventures with Donna and “her” Doctor.

Watch the Wild Blue Yonder beginning December 2.

The Giggle


In the third episode, Neil Patrick Harris stars as the Toymaker who proves to be quite the trickster adversary. The Giggle premieres on December 9.

The Giggle premieres on December 9.

Where To Watch

Doctor Who premieres exclusively on the BBC for the UK and Ireland. Disney+ will be the only way to watch new seasons of Doctor Who outside of the UK and Ireland.

Outside of UK and Ireland, new seasons of Doctor who will be aired on Disney+.

Be sure to check out everything new coming to Disney+ in November HERE. And, to catch a sneak peek of these episodes, check out the trailer below:

Are you excited about David Tennant returning as The Doctor and Donna returning as his companion? Will you watch these new episodes? Please let us know in the comments and share this post with a Dr. Who fan.


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