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New Animated Halloween Figures Flying Off the Shelves!

New Animated Halloween Figures Flying Off the Shelves!

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It may be July, but to many people, it is time to decorate for Halloween! What better way to add these two unique animated characters to this year’s festive lawn décor?

Jack Skellington

Credit: Disney

Jack Skellington is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 1993 animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The film is directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton, the story’s creator, and characters.

In the film, Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. He is tall and thin, with a skeletal appearance and a distinct bony grin. Jack has an iconic black suit, pinstripe pants, and a bat-shaped bow tie. He has a charismatic and charming personality, but he also experiences a sense of emptiness and restlessness with his role as the Pumpkin King.

Credit: Monica

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a beloved classic known for its unique blend of dark and whimsical aesthetics, memorable songs, and imaginative storytelling. Jack Skellington has become an iconic figure in popular culture, representing the charm and fascination of Halloween and the enduring spirit of the film. His character continues to captivate audiences and remains a favorite among fans of Tim Burton’s distinctive style.

Just in time for this year’s Halloween, The Home Depot has introduced a 13-foot Giant Sized Animated Jack Skellington. It has sensor-activated head and mouth movements. Jack sings three different melodies. He retails for $399. Take a look below at the advertisement video.

The Caretaker

Credit: Lowes

The Haunted Mansion Caretaker is a fictional character associated with the Haunted Mansion attractions at Disney theme parks. The Haunted Mansion is a popular dark ride that takes guests on a spooky tour through a haunted house filled with ghostly inhabitants and eerie scenes.

He is depicted as disheveled and responsible for maintaining the mansion. He is seen in the attraction’s queue area and specific scenes within the ride. The Caretaker wears ragged clothing, carries a lantern, and appears nervous or frightened.

In some versions of the Haunted Mansion, the Caretaker is accompanied by a dog named “Fang” or “Balthazar.” The Caretaker guides guests through the mansion, providing a humorous and lighthearted perspective on the spooky surroundings.

Credit: Maggie

The character of the Haunted Mansion Caretaker adds to the immersive storytelling of the attraction, helping to create a sense of mystery and whimsy. His presence enhances the overall atmosphere and contributes to the haunted theme of the experience. The Caretaker is just one of the many memorable characters and elements that make the Haunted Mansion a beloved and enduring attraction at Disney parks.

How would you love to own the Caretaker for your Halloween décor this year? No worries, as Lowes has you covered! This Halloween animatronic delivers the ultimate spooky experience for your guests and visitors.

Perfect for Disney’s The Haunted Mansion fans, our animated The Caretaker is dressed in his signature style with a lantern and shovel in hand. The lantern lights up as he moves it side to side to the tune of “Grim Grinning Ghosts.” Our 6-FT The Caretaker Halloween décor collapses for easy storage and includes everything needed for setup.

The retail price is $239.00. At the time of writing, THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK, but if you provide an email address, Lowe’s will notify you when it is back in stock! Want to see The Caretaker in action? Take a look at the video below.

Where to Purchase

Credit: Marisol

Both animated figures are now available online and at select Lowe’s and Home Depot stores. As much as I love them myself, I do not know where I would find the storage space, especially for Jack Skellington! Perhaps, leave him out year-round and dress him according to the holiday at present?

Are you planning on adding either or both of them to your cart? Please share this article with a friend who would love to own either animated figure for this year’s Halloween décor.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.