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An Amazing Tribute for this Disney Film Legend

An Amazing Tribute for this Disney Film Legend
Credit: Disney

Take a look at the wonderful tribute for this Disney legend we recently lost.

Pat Carroll

Credit: Disney

Pat Carroll was known for being an American actress and comedian. To many Disney fans, she is most well known and beloved for her work as the voice actor for Ursula the Sea Witch in 1989’s The Little Mermaid. She brought the character to life, especially through her unforgettable performance of the iconic villain song Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Ursula is without a doubt one of my (Maggie) favorite Disney villains.

Goodbye to another legend

Credit: Disney

We were sad to report over the weekend that Disney has lost another legend when Pat Carroll passed away on July 30, 2022. Carroll was recovering from pneumonia at the time of her death. You can read a little more about her life and passing in this post HERE.

Pat Carroll appeared in numerous other Disney Films, Television Series, and Video Games. She lent her voice to Ursula’s sister Morgana for The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She reprised the role of Ursula in House of Mouse and The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. You can also hear her voice as Ursula in the video game, Kingdom Hearts.

A Perfect Tribute

Credit: Susan

Pat Carroll was active in keeping up with her ties to Disney. A few years ago at the Spooky Empire’s May-hem event, she appeared to talk about her career and also to have a little bit of fun.

She thrilled guests at the event by voicing Madame Leota’s famous lines from the Haunted Mansion. She also read the Ghost Host lines that guests all hear when entering the Haunted Mansion.

It seems that Walt Disney World has also decided to give her a tribute as well and it is just perfect. Take a look at the video below shared by @disneytiktok on Twitter:

What a wonderful tribute to a beloved Disney legend. Our thoughts go out to all of her family, friends and those who loved her.

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