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Win Limited Edition Merchandise in Disney’s New Sweepstakes

Win Limited Edition Merchandise in Disney's New Sweepstakes
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Anyone else love winning free Disney items? Read here to see how you can win awesome limited edition Disney merchandise.

Disney Princesses

Princess Tiana new character sighting in Magic Kingdom
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Disney fans of all ages love Disney princesses. Now, shopDisney offers a Disney Designer Collection. It is the Ultimate Princess Celebration – a limited edition series of dolls. Artists across The Walt Disney Company crafted these beautiful dolls. Check out details on each princess and designer included in this set.


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When asked to design a Disney Ultimate Princess doll, Launi King excitedly chose Disney’s first African American Princess, Tiana. Inspired by their shared passion for cooking, Launi recalled how she and her father would prepare seafood gumbo for hundreds of people every year.

Launi also embraces Tiana’s kindness, her giving heart, passion, resourcefulness, imagination, and beauty.  


Credit: shopDisney

Second, Designer Danae Cendejas created the Mulan limited edition doll. She captured Mulan’s endearing duality of beauty and strength. If Danae could describe Mulan in one word, it would be FIERCE.

Having participated in sports during school and growing up with a brother close in age, Danae has always had a fun family rivalry that pushed her to do better.


Credit: shopDisney

Next, check out the Ariel doll. Growing up in the Caribbean, designer Ashley Losada was inspired by the bright colors and beautiful seascape imagery of The Little Mermaid to create her enchanting vision of Ariel.

Her passion for her work gave way to designing this gorgeous Disney Princess Ariel doll, a heroine that Ashley and her sister bonded with when they were little girls.


Credit: shopDisney

Fourth, as inspiration for Disney’s Pocahontas doll, Javier Garcia drew on her connection to nature to create her daring look, comprising a stunning gown and dramatic accessories. Pocahontas inspires Javier because she is connected to nature and understands that she is part of something larger than herself.

Finally, it’s this balance between humans and the outside world while living her life unselfishly that inspired this Pocahontas doll.


Credit: shopDisney

For the Jasmine doll, Mark Monterroso uses the rich scenery of the Sultan’s Palace to present her as a modern, radiant jewel of Agrabah. Princess Jasmine was the first Disney Princess to resonate with Mark because of her darker features.

Also, he saw her as a reflection of himself. 


Credit: shopDisney

Last, Aurora is the next Disney Designer doll to be released. Check out details on shopDisney to see when she will be released.

Sweepstakes Details

Credit: Maggie

To enter, you must be registered as a D23 member. This includes the free level membership. After doing this, you’ll have a chance to choose your favorite Princess doll from this fabulous collection from shopDisney. All of the dolls in this collection are limited editions, are very collectible, and retail for $129.99 each. Each guest is limited to buying 1 of each doll. You can purchase them on shopDisney HERE.

Enter to win your choice of these Disney Designer dolls now!

What are your thoughts on this sweepstakes and doll collection? Would you pay $129.99 for them? Please let us know in the comments below or on our KtP Facebook Page.

Sources: d23.com and shopDisney

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