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The way Epcot helps feed adorable residents in Animal Kingdom

The way Epcot helps feed adorable residents in Animal Kingdom
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Epcot isn’t just a theme park. For some animals, it’s a food source.

The Land Pavilion

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Epcot’s Land Pavilion is part entertainment and part education. Soarin’, one of Epcot’s most beloved rides, is housed there. It mixes the fun of soaring over the globe with the educational aspects of seeing what lies in its various regions.

It is accompanied by Awesome Planet and Living with the Land. These are two attractions that provide education about the earth.

Living with the Land

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This dark ride begins as a tour of various landscapes filled with Disney’s quintessential animatronic creatures. Guests enjoy venturing by a farm, across a prairie, and through a rainforest.

But, guests also learn a good bit about growing crops. Highlights include alternatives to pesticides as well as unique growing techniques.

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As guests float down stream, they encounter a variety of plants grown in the pavilion. There is even a fish farm.

The ride’s narration mentions that not only are the plants and fish farmed in the pavilion part of the attraction, but they also provide ingredients for dishes served in restaurants throughout the park.

Sometimes, you will even notice signage that points out specific plants used as ingredients at Epcot’s various festivals. If you enjoy the offerings at the outdoor kitchens/food studios, you may recognize some of the ingredients from your ride experience.

Feeding the Animals

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

Not only does the food produced in the Land Pavilion provide some of the meals guests consume in the parks, but it also produces food for the animals over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Fresh produce like tomatoes, lettuce, melons and more make great additions to their balanced diets.

In fact, it turns out these animals consume quite a lot of food! Cast Members prepare over 10,000 pounds of food for the residents of Animal Kingdom daily.

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

With such a huge need for food, it makes sense that Disney would allow nothing in the Land Pavilion to go to waste. Perhaps some plants are cultivated with specific creatures in mind.

Next time you go on the boat ride, you might even think of the bats or gorillas that will be enjoying some of the plants you are seeing. It is interesting to know the connection one park has with another.

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