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The Rotunda Bistro Booth at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is a Major Hit!

The Rotunda Bistro Booth at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is a Major Hit!

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The Rotunda Bistro located inside the American Adventure is one of the newest locations at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. Read on to learn more about this unique spot.

Brand New Global Market Places for 2021

Credit: Disney

This year the International Food & Wine welcomes five brand new locations for the festival. These include:

*The Noodle Exchange can be found near Traveler’s Café

*Tangerine Café: Flavors of the Medina located inside the Moroccan Pavilion

*The Swanky Sauce Swine located near Disney Traders

*Brew-Wing At the Epcot Experience located at the EPCOT Experience

*The Rotunda Bistro located in the American Adventure

Each one of these brand-new locations offers many delectable global cuisine and beverages

For one, I was very happy to learn that the Tangerine Café which transferred ownership from the Morocco Embassy and the Morocco Tourism Board to Disney would continue be a part of this year’s festival.

It was wonderful to be back inside the restaurant again!

The Rotunda Bistro located in the American Adventure

On opening day of the festival while making our way to watching the 2:45 pm presentation of The American Adventure, I suddenly found myself walking by a Global Marketplace cashier to the right of the entry.

For one, I noticed that there was no line as opposed to other booths such as France and Italy which easily had a wait of at least 40 minutes!

I found myself gravitating to the menu which includes:

Chilled Smoked Shrimp Salad (Gluten)

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Tart with Gruyere and Crème Fraiche

Chilled Crab and Avocado Parfait with Caviar (Gluten)

Domaine Carneros Cuvee Brut Rose from California

I was very excited to place my order for a Chilled Crab and Avocado Parfait with Caviar. After paying, I received a receipt and was told to enter inside The American Adventure foyer where I would pick up my entrée to the right side.

Low and behold, my eyes truly were experiencing my food being prepared inside the foyer of The American Adventure. 

Do keep in mind that you will not receive the same amount of caviar as shown on the picture located inside the Festival Passport.

Trust me, I asked and was told that it was just a little treat on top of the parfait.

So where was I to enjoy this delectable refreshing little cup of yumminess?  You will never believe it!  The experience of this brand-new Global Marketplace continues!

As I walked inside the rotunda, I was greeted with tables and chairs located INSIDE the rotunda which is famously known as the location where the Voices of Liberty used to perform.

There was plenty of seating areas and tall tables where guests can stand and enjoy their cuisine and beverage.

Pretty amazing, right?

My Overall Thoughts

I was very happy with the Chilled Crab and Avocado Parfait with Caviar.  I truly contemplated purchasing another one as one portion was not sufficiently filling.

The combination of the crab combined with the avocado puree was very refreshing.  I could also taste lime.  It reminded me of a Mexican crab ceviche dish.  All that was missing was a side of tortilla chips!

I truly recommend this treat. You will be very happy that you did so! 

As for the price of the dish, it cost $9.00.  Not too bad when you think of the three main ingredients that make up the dish which are avocado, crab and the fancy caviar.

The atmosphere of enjoying the dish inside the rotunda of the American Adventure is what makes the experience memorable. Never in a million years would I have imagined for Disney to come up with the idea of using the rotunda as a seating area. 

Wonderful idea and kudos to whoever suggested this! 

After sitting in the air-conditioned rotunda and having enjoyed my dish it was time to attend The American Adventure performance.

As it is a brand-new location (and before word gets out), I anticipate that lines will be kept at a minimum which will be very nice compared to other locations with long waits.

What are your thoughts regarding the Rotunda Bistro?  Do you plan on visiting? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.