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Animal Kingdom entertainment cuts continue to diminish park experience

Animal Kingdom Entertainment Cuts

Disney’s Animal Kingdom continues to cut entertainment offerings in the park.  We have lost a dance party and another beloved character may be on the chopping block.

Effective at the end of day September 30, 2019, the Dino-Rific Dance Party will be eliminated as an entertainment offering.  No previous announcement was made concerning this cut.

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Attendance has been poor in September, one of the poorest we’ve experienced in quite some time.  The hopes were that the opening of the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction would attract large crowds, so Extra Extra Magic Hours were instituted for September and October.  It has been a tremendous offering from a guest perspective, with very light crowds.  From an industry prospective, it’s been a costly offering.

It’s just a RUMOR, but I’ve been told a couple of times that DiVine may also be on the list of things that may be removed from Animal Kingdom.  Some feel that she isn’t vital to the park experience because she is something guests awe at for moment when entering the park, but move on quickly to their first attraction of the day.

Divine at Animal Kingdom
DiVine is grasping some bamboo in the Oasis :)

Again, that is still a rumor, but we are seeing entertainment acts being scaled back like the Citizens of Hollywood or eliminated entirely like the Muppets in the Magic Kingdom, the Royal Majesty Makers and the Burudika Band.

I’d suspect that this trend won’t end anytime soon as Disney just experienced the loss of a major executive who saw her position completely eliminated.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’ve heard of Devine, but in my many trips, never saw her. Sad to see muppets go. Even my millenium son (I’m a late baby boomer mom), loves Muppets.

  2. Going the first week in December because I’ve always wanted to enjoy the Christmas decorations. It has been 10 years since our last trip, and we were really looking forward to it. But with everything I’ve been reading/hearing lately about closures and permanent changes, I’m almost sorry we decided to go and didn’t put the finances toward somewhere else. I’m sure I’ll find some of the “magic” once I get there, but I’m equally sure I will greatly miss a lot that I remember and was hoping to see again. I have to say, there’s absolutely no chance that I will make it a point to go there again in this lifetime….

    • Just got back and some things are closed. They have areas closed off with black construction fences They are changing some things and adding more in some areas. The best time to go would be in 2021 when they will be opening a bunch of new stuff.

  3. Very upsetting to hear for our trip in January 2020, & for the 3 grandchildren to miss out on some of the things we have been telling them about is going to upset them when they are no longer there. Money isn’t easy for everyone but the higher ups got to keep getting theirs. WALT DISNEY WOULD BE VERY UPSET NOW.

    • You always have the chance of an attraction shut down for refurbishment. There is sooooo much to see I am sure you will still have s great time. Was just at Animal Kingdom and was a great experience..

    • I completely agree. Why would families keep coming back to spend a LOT of money there if a lot of what they wanted to see or do is gone. And yes, the head honchos keep getting a big paycheck at the guests expense.

  4. Really sad to see these cuts throughout the Walt Disney World. This is a Service Industry company so why are they cutting the service and leaving the guest to fend for themselves,? Makes no “cents”. Guests come to spend their money and time at the parks ,resorts wherever at WDW, yet they receive nothing but long lines, headaches and disappointment instead of service.
    Eventually,they will take their money and spend it where they will receive true service, like over seas and other countries and places where people appreciate human interaction service instead of automated technical services.

    • YES! All the new technology that is supposed to “speed up services” is making everyone crazy. What happened to the human experience? I don’t have a cell phone (& don’t want one) so that puts me at a big disadvantage when I go to the parks since Disney now wants everyone to “schedule” their experience. It’s just awful!

  5. We didnt even attend the F&W festival this year (our favorite Disney thing) because they cut out all of the low cost demonstrations and “free” entertainment. Our Very Merry Christmas Party was a disappointment last year because the park was overbooked and much of the entertainment was cut back, and I doubt we will go this year. Getting harder and harder to justify those season passes……..

  6. Iger makes a HUGE bonus and income, while cutting fun things to do at the kingdoms. Stupid move on Disney part. The shows are fun and keep us occupied while waiting on another ride return time. What do you think people with disabilities look forward to. My family and friends love the dance shows and characters because the kids get to do something while the bigger ones enjoy a ride.. It’s all about the almighty dollar, Walr is doing flip flops in his grave. Very sad. Roy’s grand daughter was right when she blasted all of them.

  7. We’ve made cuts too – to our annual passes and to the number of meals we eat in parks. And when we thought about adding a water park to our current vacation and found that tickets were $70 per person for Typhoon Lagoon, we opted for Aquatica for half that price due to FL resident specials.

  8. Don’t cut DiVine! We really enjoyed watching her. Also, my grandchildren and I loved the Dino-Rific Dance Party. We were just there two weeks ago and children were dancing and have fun.

  9. Kenny… you have to have some sort of editorial relating to these entertainment cuts and the loss of Catherine Powell. You are the vet here, is this an unprecedented level of cuts? Are you expecting this is just a lead up to the 50th celebration in 2021? Does your crystal ball say anything will be replacing any of this?

    • It’s cyclical, but I don’t see too much coming any time soon to replace the offerings. Budgets are being cut back and managers need to find places to fit those budgets. Hourly wages are rising and corporate wants to keep the investors happy.

  10. How is it that Bob Iger took in an 80% pay increase last year alone and yet good performers and entertainment get slashed to “save money”. Maybe they should take some of the $65 million that he’s taking in and cover these budget cuts. What they are seriously missing is that attendance is down because they keep cutting out the magic and the answer to lower attendance isn’t to keep cutting because then you will see even less and less people justifying a trip to Disney.

  11. I think part of the problem is that they don’t want you taking your picture with DeVine, at least that has been my experience. I think she is beautiful and amazing but she might get more of a following if they would allow pictures. I understand not being able to touch her however. And I hate these cuts. I am so sad.

What do you think?

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