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Sofia the First character leaving Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sofia the First character leaving Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sofia the First has appeared in Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 2014 .  Unfortunately for her fans, she will leaving Hollywood Studios very soon to make way for Fancy Nancy.  Here’s the details:

Sofia the First will cease offering regular meet and greets in the Disney Jr Animation area of Hollywood Studios at the end of her set on April 13, 2019.  The meet and greet area will be transformed into an area for fans to meet Fancy Nancy.  Fancy Nancy is suppose to begin offering meets as early as May 1, 2019.

Sofia will also be leaving Hollywood and Vine breakfast to be replaced by Fancy Nancy.  Sofia will travel back the Kingdom of Enchancia.  Be sure to visit Sofia the First right away!


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  1. Then why on earth does Universal Orlando still have NJR’s Dora and Diego(even after Disney ditched Sofia)?, their shows got cancelled before Sofia and why hasn’t Nick and UOR made a deal to replace them with characters from Paw Patrol and The Loud House

  2. BOO! My daughter loves Sofia..Guess they had to let her go since her cartoon has ended. so sad. It was a good thing we met her when we did.

  3. I’m taking my 4 year old Sofia-obsessed daughter to Disney World next year and I know she is going to look for Sofia. This is going to break her heart.

    • We are going to Disney World in 5 days. My 2 year old is going to be crushed. All she does is watch Sofia and holds her amulet and wishes herself to be a mermaid lol. Poor kiddo.

  4. Sooooo sad!!!! Sofia is our favorite. Sofia is so sweet and my daughter just adores her and dresses up like her all the time. It breaks my heart to tell her she won’t be there for her next visit. Why would they get rid of her?! :(

  5. Can’t they just ditch Doc McStuffins instead?, her show is ending this year and that she and Vampirina are absolutely not allowed to be both represented at the exact same time. I hope the Doc meet gets ditched at the end of the year

  6. Our trip is in September too and we bought our 3 year old a dress and amulet because all she talks about is meeting Sofia :( She’s going to be heartbroken

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