Home Disney World BREAKING: Kali River Rapids to undergo refurbishment

BREAKING: Kali River Rapids to undergo refurbishment


Kali River Rapids was just added to the official refurbishment list for Walt Disney World. Check to see if your travel dates after affected!

Kali River Rapids will be closed from January 7, 2019 through March 22, 2019 for it’s annual cold weather refurbishment.  It will reopen on March 23 according to the schedule.


  1. Got an email today that our fast pass for Feb 6 was changed to Dinosaur, so I came here to check. Thanks for the up-to-date information!

  2. I had a FP for Kali on Feb. 3 that they just changed to DINOSAUR on me – thanks for the info Kenny, I was wondering what was going on! Couldn’t find any info on Disney’s site or elsewhere. Muah!

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