1. Mainly want to book this event to get signatures of Tiana and Naveen, and the extra time with them. I see that you get the signed postcard, will they also sign your autograph books?

  2. We are going to WDW in the latter half of August 2017. My dining booking day is next week, but I called today to get the scoop (pun intended!) on whether or not I will be able to book the ice cream social. The answer I received was that they are currently only booking it through July 31, and there is no word as to if they will/won’t extend it. I hope they do!! My daughter really wants to go.

  3. Uh…how in the world is Disney planning on explaining how Tiana and Naveen are IN the parade and ON the boat at the same time?

  4. We are attending this on the 15th, we do not expect a great parade view, we are excited for additional princess time and something extra special on our Bippidi Boppidi Day. We are doing the Tony’s VIP parade package on a different day, so it will not be a big deal if we really do not get to take in much of the parade at the ice cream social.

    • She said she didn’t snap any, but expect that the parade is in view for a short time, but from a very far distance. If it’s about the parade, view that from the street on another day.

  5. We were there the for the first party too! We all loved it but I think it is not a good choice for first timers who have not seen the parade before as the parade view is not very good. But we loved all of the food, the character interactions, etc.

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