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Getting to a Disney World water park is becoming more confusing and time consuming

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Disney World’s water parks are making a bus transportation move that will make getting to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon even more confusing and time consuming.

Beginning May 29, 2016 Disney World will implement new bus routes to reach Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

In order to reach Blizzard Beach, you will be required to first take a bus to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, then transfer to the bus dedicated to travel to Blizzard Beach.

To make things more confusing,  to get to Typhoon Lagoon, you may be required to take a bus to Disney Springs.  It is said that you may not need to use the Disney Springs bus before 1pm, but may need that bus transfer after 1pm.  Highly confused yet?

Well, to get to Disney Springs, you first need to transfer at a Disney hotel.  You could end up leaving a Disney theme park, going to a hotel, then going to Disney Springs, then going to Typhoon Lagoon. You would then need to return to Disney Springs and transfer to your hotel to get back to your room.

Uggh, just rent a car or call an Uber. Why do guests paying so much money to stay onsite need added levels of confusion and time wasted?


  1. I once took the bus from AKV to TL and or took over 45 minutes. I’ll never not drive our own car to the water parks. Parking is so easy there anyway.

  2. Maybe this would make more sense in water park “off season” since fewer guests? But just in time for summer season is CRAZY!

  3. We have been renting a car for years, it never costs me more than 150.00 for a week using Dollar rental. Its so much easier to leave when I wanna leave and not have to wait for a bus/boat/monorail, even on the busiest days, I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a tram.
    The only park I take a bus to is Magic Kingdom, because to drive you also then need to take a tram AND a boat or monorail…..altho, many times we have just taken the boat because it is a pretty ride.
    Its also nice to just get in your car and drive to the resort….I have wasted endless amounts of time for that Disney magic bus from the airport….then it takes FOREVER to get to your resort if you are not the first drop off. It also picks you up impossibly early for a flight on leave day. One time took 5 hours from airport to resort because when we landed and got our luggage, it was still another hour and a half before the bus was coming…..I could have been AT my resort or in a park in that time frame.
    I have learned over the many years of going to Disney, our own (rented) car is really nice, we leave things in it, extra water, food, a jacket.

  4. The AK option doesn’t sound too bad but the Typhoon Lagoon one is a mess! Might cause me to rethink our partial day at TL.

    It’s too bad they’re doing this especially as the upcoming FD offer required either Park Hopper or WP option be added. We travel in September when park hours are often much shorter so for us the PH option doesn’t really work so we get WP. Too bad they’re adding challenges in travel. :(

    • PS – I’m guessing even though I’m not overly happy with these changes they make sense. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on an AK /BB bus that has taken the time to pull into BB only to have nobody get off or get on. Multiply that by all the Disney Resorts and all the buses that travel to BB and I understand more why these changes are being made.

      • I agree Catherine, our DVC home resort is AK and its pretty annoying to be making a side stop when you’re trying to catch a reservation and didn’t account for the extra stop….

        Altho, Disney does need a better plan.

    • And that’s why we never visit the water parks! We live in Central FL anyway so we use our own pool. I do feel very sorry for the visitors who want to go to one of these water parks… what a nightmare!

  5. Is there any way to lodge a complain with WDW over this? If enough noise is made, perhaps they will change it back?

    • It seems premature to lodge a formal complaint about something that has not even got in effect. Maybe after you have been there, and experienced an inconvenience you can then rally everyone to complain.

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