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Worldwide Wednesday – Cowboy Max Goof

Disneyland Paris characters meet and greets

EuroRob checks in today with a great photo of Max Goof in a Disneyland Paris original Cowboy costume for the park’s 20th Anniversary.

On April 12th 2012 there were multiple special shows at the Disneyland Park because of the 20th Anniversay. Each land had its own show featuring Characters. After the show the characters would do short meet’n’greets. Max was on a cowboy adventure in Frontierland and met guests in this beautiful cowboy outfit.Max Goof at Disneyland Paris

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  1. Can Euro Ron confirm that Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary is next year?
    And when …we are trying to save to go

  2. I do not like Max. I wish I had never been obliged to watch “The Goofy Movie.” No offense, Max, but please do not seek to supplant your EU citizenship with a U.S. visa.

    • Max visits DHS, Epcot training and Character Palooza some times here in the US. You can avoid him if you don’t want to meet him.

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