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Changes coming to Fastpass+ system at Disney World


Disney World’s Fastpass+ system is an ever evolving one.  Some things get added, some things get removed.  Some parks have “Tiers,” while others don’t.  An upcoming change to Fastpass+ will affect some popular meet and greets and future attractions.

Beginning May 27, 2016 both the Anna & Elsa meet and greet and the Meet Cinderella and Rapunzel meet at the Magic Kingdom cease to offer FP+ as selections.  What does this mean?  I believe it means that Disney World is targeting May 27, 2016 as the date that Anna and Elsa could move to Epcot’s new Royal Summerhus meet area.

Some believe Princess Fairytale Hall will likely go back to offering meets with Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Aurora in some combination.

Anna and Elsa moving to Epcot May 27

Another change that takes place on May 27, 2016 is moving Mission: Space back to Tier 2 status.  Mission: Space was Tier 2 before Soarin’ went down for refurbishment, adding a third screen.  One friend has told me that Epcot is actually considering re-opening Soarin’ with the old film in late May, then switching it over to the new Soarin’ over the World when Shanghai Disney opens in mid-June.  Disney World and Disneyland likely won’t begin showing Soarin’ Over the World until Shanghai presents it first.
Fastpass changes Epcot Fastpass changes Epcot 2

I expect NORWAY to open with the park.  Disney World has to know how insanely popular these attractions will be and open them with the park.  Creating 2 hour lines before the attractions open would be creating a disaster of Guest Services complaints.

I also expect the Anna/Elsa meet in Epcot and the new Frozen Ever After ride at Epcot to become Tier 1 FP+ attractions, which means you’ll either need to wait in some long lines, stay until closing or visit Epcot 2 times on your visit.  Here’s how I would plan my FP+, if these attractions join Tier 1.

Day one:

  • Tier 1:  Meet Anna/Elsa and try to book early
  • Tier 2: Spaceship Earth & Meet Mickey

Day two:

  • tier 1: Soarin’
  • tier 2: Journey & Seas

On day one I would arrive before park open day one and head straight for Frozen Ever After ride and use FP+ for Anna/Elsa then spend some time walking about. Day one would be a good time to use my Princess touring plan on Character Locator from 11am onward.

On day two I would arrive before park opening and head straight for Test Track, then Mission: Space.  I would plan my Soarin’ FP+ for 10:00am range.

You’ll either wait in longer lines for Joy & Sadness and Baymax (separate lines and NO Fastpass+) or you’ll meet them near the end of the day.  All this is just a scenario at this point, but I’ll make sure my Character Locator Touring Plans accommodate all the best attractions.  It does appear that Epcot will move back to a 2 day park with Magic Kingdom being 2 or 3 days, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom will be single day parks.


  1. I was just able to make a fast pass reservation for Frozen ever after. It’s tier 1 and it says opening June 21.

  2. It is still allowing fastpass booking for Anna and Elsa in MK for July. Is this a suggestion that they will still be in MK in July? Or would you just lose your fast passes when they move over to Epcot. Confused about whether I should make that a priority…thanks!

  3. I spoke with a Disney rep yesterday (asking if they had any insight about when fast passes would be available for Anna and Elsa at Epcot) and she said they are still being offered at Magic Kingdom. This really confused me because when I tried booking Anna and Elsa fast passes a few weeks back (we will be there June 2-June 7) I got the screen you have shown above and called about it. I was told that they will no longer be available to see at MK after 5/27. However, the lady yesterday told me that is untrue. Any ideas about this? It is so hard trying to plan for my daughter who wants to see Anna and Elsa when I am hearing so many conflicting stories. Any insight? Thank you in advance!

  4. Do you predict if there will be some kind of announcement when the fast passes go live for Anna and Elsa at Epcot or if they will just show up as an option one day? We will be there the first week of June with my 4 year old daughter and Anna and Elsa (and the Frozen ride if it is open) are at the top of my list. So I am a bit worried with all the changes. I have been making myself crazy constantly checking because I don’t want to miss it. Also, with the addition of the 4th fast pass option on April 10th…will I keep the times/options for the fast passes I have already reserved? I don’t want to lose them. Thank you in advance!

    • I’ll post when I see new stuff offering FP, but can’t predict it. 4th FP won’t change anything you’ve already reserved.

      • Hi, I noticed over the last couple of days that the Frozen Ever After attraction on the website now says “Summer 2016”. I check daily and click on the FastPass link to see when it opens up, but the FP link has now been removed. Does this mean it will not be May 1st? and May 27th? or Later. I’ll be there May 10th to the 14th, so we might miss it. Luckily I secured a late FP for Anna and Elsa at Magic Kindom. Thanks!

      • I think they are holding off to package everything together for Memorial Weekend launch, if possible.

  5. Sorry if you’ve already done this, but can you please explain what Fastpass + actually is? Haven’t been to WDW in 4 yrs but plan to go very soon. This all seems very confusing to me… we don’t have small children so the actual character meet & greet part is nothing we need. How does this affect the rides? Thanks so much.

    • It is Disney World’s new way to use FP. No more paper tickets. It’s all handled through computers, kiosks and cell phones now. I’ve got some overview info in the Fastpass+ tab above.

  6. I just got back from Disney after visiting during the busy time for 2 days. I had gotten fast passes for both the Wishes fireworks and Illuminations fireworks. I have to say, fast passes for these are a disappointment. 2 years ago I had gone and gotten a fast pass for the Wishes show and the area was the rose garden to the right of the castle. Viewing was very good there. They have since moved the fast pass area to some new garden areas right in front of the crystal restaurant and another section to the right side. Viewing in this area is okay, but not as good as the rose garden. It was good that it was less crowded in that section, but I don’t think viewing in that section is as good as other places in the park.

    The viewing area for illuminations was located in between the 2 gift shops at the entrance to the world showcase. For some reason they have the area in front of the railings of the lake roped off, so you can’t even make it to the lake. Viewing in this area is okay, but there are plenty of other areas to get equally as good views.

    So all in all I would not recommend fast passes for either epcot or mk fireworks shows.

    On another note, I keep asking myself why I keep coming back to Disney world over and over again when it hardly has changed much in years.

  7. We are traveling there June 1-7. When I book fp+ (in 4 days) will Anna/Elsa or Frozen Ever After even be listed as available for fp? If not, do I just stalk MDE every day until it shows up? This is exactly what I was afraid of.

  8. Hi, Disney newbie, 1st time this year 29th May for 2 weeks. I know all about FP but nothing about the tiered system. Where can I read about this please? Thanks

  9. All I know is we did rope drop at epcot yesterday and walked in a sea of people to test track. I walked right on and when we got off it was a 2 hour wait. My son said we should create a diversion by yelling ….look…soarin is open!!! Lol ! Also figment and a bunch of attractions in the area closed at 7 due to budget cuts. That’s what a employee told me.

    • Figment and a bunch of other stuff have always closed at 7pm. they tried leaving them open until 9 for a few weeks, but there was no demand

  10. What are your thoughts on the chances that Disney will remove tiering from Epcot since there are so many headliners now?

    Also, if you had a prepark opening breakfast, how would you strategize?


  11. I personally dislike the tier system, but understand why it’s necessary. I do wish they would move a few more popular options to Tier 2 so we don’t have to choose between our favorites on everything. Just my opinion :) As always thanks for the info!

  12. Kenny, that is great information. We will be in Epcot on May 20th, whats your thoughts on catching the Frozen ever after ride and even possibly Soarin (old version) ?

  13. Good info! I have a question about your suggested FP plans though – you mention that at park open you would head straight to Norway to get on the Frozen ride, but doesn’t World Showcase open 2 hours after the rest of the park? Is it looking like that will change, or just that country?

  14. Hi, Kenny,

    With the above Epcot day1/day2 plan, do you then expect World Showcase to starting opening along with Future World, instead of it’s current delayed opening at 11AM?

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