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Our visit to Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival #corksandcoasters

Our visit to Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival #corksandcoasters

My daughters and I recently visited the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival.   Here’s some photos and commentary that will help you understand the park and the event a little better.

Busch Gardens is one of the most beautiful theme parks you’ll visit.  It’s filled with vibrant foliage, a wide assortment of animals, some of the best thrill rides in the Southeast and some great character meets.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (977)

Our day began by purchasing our new passes.  Currently, you can buy a “Fun Card” for $99 and get a full year at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.  Online they also offer a great deal with buy a day pass and get their dining plan for free.  I opted for the annual pass so I get the free parking and in park discounts and my kids got the Fun Card.  Annual passes of all kinds are very reasonable in the Central Florida market.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (210)

As we entered, this gentleman was greeting everyone and passing out free guidebooks for the Food & Wine Festival.  Guidebooks do a nice job letting you know where topiaries, food and wine booths and more are located and offers the menus.  Prices aren’t included on the guidebook or online, but I could help you if you’re interested.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (212)

With the Annual Pass, I got received 10% off the All-Day Dining Deal.  All-Day dining is provided at 5 dining locations in the park.  I’d describe them as serve yourself, as they are sort of cafeteria style in serving.  Lines for dining can move very slowly, so I prefer to eat early lunch and early dinner.  You receive one entree, one dessert or side and a fountain drink or bottled water.  Dining Deal also allows you to drop into one of these locations and just grab a drink, snack or dessert once per hour.  I highly recommend the Zambia Smokehouse!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (216)

Many animals in Busch Gardens are very close to guests, so you can see them and film them easily.  You are protected from them harming you, of course.
Busch Gardens Food and Wine (221)

One of the highlights of Busch Gardens is the Cheetahs that are close enough to view and photo.  Usually 4 times per day, the trainers have them do a short sprint or 2 for guests and to encourage exercise.  As a comparison, Cheetahs in Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safari are VERY far away from the vehicle.  Cheetahs here are close to a walkway.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (234)

Our favorite coaster to begin our day is Cheetah Hunt.  If you get here before park opening, you might be able to ride a couple of times before lines build.  Usually Cheetah Hunt and Sheikra have long waits later in the day.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (236)

Weeeeeeeee!  Cheetah Hunt has 3 launch points and many air-time camel back hills.  My favorite is the quick switchbacks over the water.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (246)

We usually take the Skyride from Congo to Stanleyville, but it was closed, so we walked up the pathway to Pantopia.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (247)

Falcon’s Fury is a unique ride and isn’t for the faint of heart.  I takes you up over 300 feet in the air, then tilts you inward so you are fully facing the ground, held only by the restraint system, then drops you.  We think it’s a blast, but your opinion could vary.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (266)

We then rode the SandSerpent. It’s a simple wild mouse coaster, but it does toss you suddenly side to side frequently.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (280)

Whoa horsey!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (284)

Falcon is getting his fury in topiary form.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (288)

I told you it’s a beautiful place.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (289)

Windy days aren’t the best for a flower photo.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (297)

Little remote control jungle boats like they used to offer in Magic Kingdom can be a fun diversion for children.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (311)

Sheikra is one of the best coasters around.  It’s called a “dive” coaster and it actually goes inward slightly beyond 90 degrees to bring a real thrill.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (444)Smile and say….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (446)

Boneheads like this guy are the reason Universal implemented metal detectors at their large coasters.  What photo could you actually get?  You could lose your fruit phone and possibly injure a guest near you.  Don’t take your phone on big coasters people!

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (449)

My girls liked Montu, but Kumba was a bit too many corkscrews for them.  I do fast, diving and dropping, but don’t really enjoy spinning and corkscrews.

Busch Gardens has a great children’s play area with ropes courses, climbing areas and such.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (318)

Jungle Flyers is located inside.  It loads really slowly, so do this early or late in the day for a shorter wait.  I takes you out and back a few hundred feet, but my little girl enjoyed it.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (328)

We stopped at Zambia Smokehouse for lunch and my lovely ladies received these free Cheetah hats.  Rawr.  If you plan to purchase the Dining Deal, do so in the front of the park.  It was a really slow process at the checkout and I wasn’t aware that the sampler platter wasn’t included, so they took it away and brought me a substitution of tasty Brisket.  You’re given a wristband per person that is scanned at each meal. You also get BOGO on Ice Cream bars in the park.  My wristband was applied too tightly and it hurt my wrist.  Place a finger on your wrist to keep that from happening when the team member applies yours.  Food was delicious and hot.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (348)

Water flume ride is simple, no real theming like you may be accustomed to at Disney parks, but still good fun, especially the gentle splash at the end.  I told my girls I should stand at the bottom of the ride and sell photos of their reactions.  $1 per transfer and I’ll leave with nice pocket full of change.  Photo services are offered at some rides.
Busch Gardens Food and Wine (404) Busch Gardens Food and Wine (431)

Riding the train at Busch Gardens is your opportunity to view many animals along the savannah.  It takes about 30 minutes to make the full circle and offers 3 stops.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (516)

Black with racing stripesBusch Gardens Food and Wine (500)

Where the deer and the antelope plaaaaayyyyeee!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (506)

Roll tide!  Elephants are easily viewed along the walking path and the trainers were having them play ball when I arrived.  Alabama is traditionally a football school, but Coach Avery is training us to play basketball again.  We haven’t been as good since Wimp was fired.  Coach em up!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (512)

Penguins enjoyed following Debbie’s hand as she waved back and forth.  Now she wants a penguin.  She can have her penguin when I get a dolphin in my backyard.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (518)

You can even feed kangaroos!

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (179)

We tried to enter the new animal show in Pantopia.  We thought arriving 15 minutes early would be enough, but it was closed already.  We learned to arrive 30 minutes early.

Instead we attended Iceploration.  It’s the story of a grandfather and grandson.  Granddad wants the kid to stop playing video games and explore, so he carries him all over the world to explore.  Hey, where’s the granddad like this?  Oh, I guess I’ll become that guy!
Busch Gardens Food and Wine (539)

Iceploration is a display of grace and fluid movement. It uses ice skating to tell a series of explorer stories including the savannah, under the ocean and such.
Busch Gardens Food and Wine (555)Busch Gardens Food and Wine (568) Busch Gardens Food and Wine (636) Busch Gardens Food and Wine (860)

Iceploration even has some tumble monkeys!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (912)

We then went to check out the food and topiary offerings for the Food & Wine Festival.  As you enter the area, you’ll see this group of theme park bloggers ready to snap your photo.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (940)

Hey Bonnie!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (945)

Acck!  It’s a giant sssssnake.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (950)

Nice stage!Busch Gardens Food and Wine (951)

Amazing carvers hard at work.  Most of their work will only last a couple of days, so you see new things each weekend.  Ice carvers also come out after the concerts, but I didn’t get any good photos.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (964)

It’s a cookie!

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (127)

You’ve waited this long, so I’ll show you some photos of some of the food available.  I’m not usually a lamb person, but this was incredibly tasty.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (197)

Macaroni and Bacon is to die for.  It’s very Gouda.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (196)

Duck fat infused french fries weren’t to my taste, but others seemed to be enjoying them.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (159)

Bread pudding was terrific.  Busch Gardens Food and Wine (158)

See what I did there?  :)Busch Gardens Food and Wine (156)

Refreshing ham and fruit plate.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (154)

Shrimp and grits is a great dish.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (137)

Over 100 different wines and beers are offered in the Festival and they even sell full bottles that you can pick up before leaving.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (115)

A Divine like character was out and about.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (106)

Sesame Street character topiaries.  We didn’t have a chance to visit Sesame Street area today, but we’ll return again.  I’ve seen the A is for Africa show previously and met several characters.  I was told that Madagascar characters still appear on weekends since their show has closed.  I couldn’t find a schedule or location for them.  I guess the intrepid reporter needs to do some research.  I liked meeting King Julian and the gang after the show in the past.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (110) Busch Gardens Food and Wine (122)

We visited on a Sunday when Huey Lewis and the News were going to be in concert and found all the food and drink booths were very popular, especially the ones that offered anything southern inspired.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (984)

We arrived 1 hour and 15 minutes before the concert and the seats were filing fast.  We chose the far right side and had a decent view.  You can pay $34.95 per person and have a center section seat, if you so desire.  I found the right side better because the sun set behind a giant tree.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (1021)

Huey Lewis and the News live.Busch Gardens Food and Wine (1026)

Still belting it out after all these years.  Great concert with all their classics and a few new songs thrown in.

Busch Gardens Food and Wine (995)

I’d recommend visiting Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival (weekends through April) if you enjoy delicious food, love live music and enjoy thrill rides.  But Busch Gardens also has great animal encounters and many rides and experiences for little ones as well as great live shows.

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