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Easter Bunny coming soon to Magic Kingdom

Easter Bunnies return to the Magic Kingdom for Easter Season

Each year Disney World’s Magic Kingdom offers a special meet and greet with Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny for a limited time frame.  Here’s the details for 2016.

Easter Bunnies will begin appearing at the Magic Kingdom’s town Square Courtyard, which is located to the left of City Hall, on March 13 and continue through March 27.

Easter Bunny meet location Magic Kingdom

As you can see from this photo, afternoon shadows from the trees can really mess up your photo, especially with no flash.Meet the Easter Bunny at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World

Easter Bunnies did not sign autographs in 2015.  A special Easter egg shaped autograph card was distributed to all guests.

Easter Bunny autograph card at the Magic Kingdom in Disney WorldEaster Bunny autograph card at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World

Princess Aurora usually meets in this location and last year she moved to Fantasyland during this 2 week stretch.  I’ll keep an eye on locations.  I’ve already added Easter Bunnies to Character Locator, so you can add them to your touring plans on the site.


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  1. HI Kenny! I have a few questions about the Easter egg hunt at Epcot. I made the mistake of showing my 7 year old the video of the hunt and he insists we have to do it now. How can I resist? He is my baby of three kids, so I am enjoying him being little because the other 2 are almost 11 and 15:( but…I didn’t realize this stopped on Easter Sunday. We aren’t going to Epcot until Monday so now my only choice is to maybe go the day we get there on Good Friday. We have reservations at T-Rex at 6:30. Question 1: If I use one of my park days the first day, can I add on an extra day at guest services that day? Question 2: If we get to Epcot about 3:00 will we have time to do the hunt and still get to T-Rex on time? (We will have our own car) Question 3: Do you think they will even have maps left by then…people are saying that they sell out and apparently they are starting the egg hunt earlier this year Question 4: Is it even worth it or is there another alternative to hunt eggs or something similar? I notice California is doing something at Downtown Disney. What about Disney World? Thanks for all your help!

    • You can add extra days to your ticket.
      Yes 3:00 would give you about 2.5 hrs.
      Not sure on maps or prizes.
      Do actual egg hunts at resorts on Easter and meet characters for free.

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