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Rumored opening date for Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland

Fans are clamoring for the opening of the new Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Getting to meet Darth Vader and Chewbacca outside of Star Wars Weekends is a dream come true for many.  Well, it appears the dream isn’t very far away!

Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland

Disney Cast Members have been informing some insiders that Star Wars Launch Bay could soft open as early as November 27, 2015 with an anticipated regular opening of December 6, 2015.  A soft opening means the attraction could open briefly, test, and close again often.  A test and adjust period is normal in Disney World to make sure an attraction is performing properly.

Star Wars Launch Bay will feature interactive exhibits, live video game play and opportunities to meet some great Star Wars Characters.

Are you excited for this new offering?


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  1. Now that we know Launch Bay will be opening on Dec 1 is there any chance that there is still a soft opening at the end of Nov. I will be in Hollywood studios on Nov 28 and worried i might miss a pic with Darth Vadar and my Son!

  2. So do you think there wont be a Star Wars Weekend next year even though this looks like there will be? I can’t imagine them NOT having it with as much money as they HAVE to be making. My son will be DEVASTATED !! He’s already been talking for 2 months about next year and them having new characters from the new movie!

  3. Can’t wait to check this out in Dec!!! Do you know if there is anything special planned for the 18th at DHS? Trying to decide if we want to make time to head over there that day.

  4. This makes me even more excited we added a trip the week of the13th. Do you know if they will be doing anything special in DHS on the 18th for premiere? I know about the movie at Disney Springs but any rumors for anything in the parks?

  5. Any chance of Thanksgiving day soft opening? I will be at MK in the morning but would swing by there if it opens. Who is good to offer real time updates? Like from twitter or something. I would haul out of MK to go see the Launch Bay if it were open.

  6. if you search Star Wars Weekend on Disney’s website, this comes up!!

    Star Wars™ Weekends

    Feel the power of the Force! Enjoy a galactic event jam-packed with out-of-this-universe entertainment and your favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions – coming summer 2016.

  7. Will this be permanent or just for a short while as my son would love this but we don’t go till October next year. Thank you

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