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First look at new annual pass design and information folder

Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015

First look at new annual pass design and information folder

It was time to renew my daughter’s Seasonal Annual Pass. I heard late the night before that prices were increasing, so I quickly moved to purchase at the lower price.  I wasn’t concerned about receiving the parking addition that was coming.   I purchased the voucher and printed it, then linked it to her My Disney Experience account.Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015

Well, we arrived at the park yesterday afternoon and presented the voucher to the person at Guest Services.  She took a couple of minutes to process everything and presented her with the new “Silver Pass”, which isn’t on a silver card.  She said that we were complimentary upgraded to the new benefits at no extra charge because we waited to present it after the new benefits began.

We were presented with this new design.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015

We loved the new design for the card with the Mickey head and clearly stated Passholder wording.  Information jacket that comes with the card explains all the new benefits that go along with the higher prices that people are required to pay.Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015 Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015

Another note.  I currently have the Florida Seasonal Pass as well, with the thought of upgrading when I need to do so and I had no problems with parking yesterday.  Guy at the parking booth scanned my MagicBand and waved us on through.  I’ll visit another park and give you the results of the next test later.

What do you think of the new design?


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  1. Bought an annual pass for the first time in February, but haven’t activated it yet. Planning to activate it in November. Was also planning on getting Memory Maker, do I still need to purchase it?

  2. We got the seasonal passes before the price change but have not activated our tickets as of yet. our first trip will be October 23rd. will we be able to get the benefits ex (free parking) or will I have to upgrade to the silver pass first?

  3. I was in the same situation with my sons pass. (Went to link it at guest relations after the price change but renewed before the price change) He is only 3 and so his disney account is linked with mine (my whole family is actually: husband, son and daughter) anyway memory maker for the entire trip was available for download. Whether they hit my husband’s band or my band they all showed up and could be downloaded. Hope this helps anyone wondering about shared memory maker.

  4. Nice not a real fan of the change though .. We are DVC AP so now when I go to renew we will pay the new renewal rates? Also is it just the difference if we wanted to get the new befits and upgrade now?

What do you think?

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