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Pros and Cons of Wishes and Parade Fastpass+ at the Magic Kingdom

Holiday Wishes Dessert Party now open for reservations

I’m often asked if one should use Fastpass+ for viewing Wishes, Festival of Fantasy Parade and/or Main Street Electrical Parade.  “Is it worth it?” they ask.  I thought I’d provide you some information on viewing locations, pros and cons and my recommendations so you can make your decision.Pros and Cons of Wishes and Parade Fastpass+ at the Magic Kingdom

Wishes and parade Fastpass+ are often gone 30 days or more before your date of tour.

Where are the Fastpass+ locations for Wishes and parades in the Magic Kingdom?

Wishes – Fastpass+ locations are just in front of Casey Corner Hot Dogs and the Plaza Restaurant on the end of Main Street.  Each is an excellent viewing location for the fireworks.  My preferred fireworks location is marked on my map below.

Parades – The daytime and nighttime parades share the same location, but each requires a separate Fastpass+.  It is currently located in the center of Town Square at the Flag Pole.  It was held in front of the Castle at the hub for a while, but construction in the area caused it to be relocated.  You’ll find the Parade Fastpass location as the same point for Pluto and Marie below.

Magic Kingdom Character Location Map KennythePirate


  1. Guaranteed Spot
  2. Good viewing locations


  1. Uses up Fastpass+ by reserving at the end of the day
  2. Parade location is in direct sun for the daytime parade.  Not as big of a deal in winter months, but you’ll wait longer for the daytime parade to arrive
  3. You can only Fastpass the first parade
  4. You still have to stand to view Wishes

What does KtP recommend?

Wishes – I recommend arriving about 30 minutes early and standing in the middle of Main Street between Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs and the Castle Hub.  There’s a little ridge in the road that is the idea spot for Celebrate the Magic and Wishes, but anywhere along that area is ideal

Festival of Fantasy Parade – I recommend finding a shady spot in Frontierland 30 to 45 minutes before the parade.  If you use Fastpass+ and arrive 30 minutes early, you’ll spend at least 45 to 60 minutes baking in the sun before the first float arrives from Frontierland.

Main Street Electrical Parade – If there are 2 parades, you always come out best watching the second parade with little stress and you can enjoy some rides while others are at the first parade!  If there is only one parade and you choose not to use Fastpass+ for it, then find a suitable location along Main Street one hour early.  HOWEVER, there are often great spots left remaining in Town Square as little as 15 minutes before in front of Town Square Theater.  It’s a bit of a gamble waiting on that though.


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  1. Great post! any chance they may move the 3 o’clock parade FastPass+ back to being in front of the castle? construction is done after all right? Reserved it before realizing it moved and your article has me questioning the choice due to the wait and heat(Trip is in mid June)

  2. I’m just wondering a few things. First i know they don’t let you overlapp times for fast passes so if I were to book at FP for wishes what’s the latest my FP before that could be scheduled? Second I saw someone mention that they were taking it away… And if that’s the case then my question is irrelevant lol. Thanks.

  3. I know you said wishes fast pass isn’t necessary but anytime I didn’t have a fast pass we end up in a sea of people and the kids can’t see the castle show. It is soooo much more relaxing with the fast pass. You can sit down and enjoy the show with your family.

    • FASTPASSES FOR WISHES FIREWORKS END IN APRIL 2016. (Not sure if the exact date.) I made my FASTPASSES last night for my May ’16 trip, and wishes FASTPASSES weren’t on the options list. I Called WDW with some questions, and they informed me about the wishes FASTPASSES ending this April. I asked who could sit in the new fenced in garden areas, and was told, “anybody.”

    • HI new to this & little tech challenged. I am considering using a fast pass for the 9pm EP June 1st. As we will not arrive at our hotel until 4 pm that day and i dont feel i will waste fast passes since we only have a half day. Is the FP location for the parade good for viewing wishes . Will I allowed to remain in this spot.

      • Hi! We used to always fastpass wishes when it was in the rose garden but since the park was really crowded this week we cancelled the parade and wishes fastpass. Kenny said the new spot isn’t as good. When we got off the carousel of progress wishes was just starting and we stood at the exit and had a really good view of them! Also we went to the second msep at midnight and got a front row seat at the castle! BTW I did rope drop at magic kingdom yesterday on a red day. We arrived at the right hand side of the gate at about 7 10 and we followed rope drop and walked straight onto 7dmt….no wait and that’s is pushing a double stroller! So anything is possible!

  4. Kenny,

    in July ’15 we used fast passes for both the 9pm parade and the 10pm wishes. Both were in the new garden, on the side towards Tomorrowland. Parade viewing wasn’t the best from here. We then realized the parade FP+ group in the garden wasn’t asked to vacate before the wishes fireworks. We wasted a fastpass on the fireworks, when we could have just used the parade fast pass for both. Is the Elecctrical parade FP+ still in the same viewing area? Do they now make you vacate the new courtyard area after the parade, to allow the wishes FP+ uses to come in? Big Thanks!

    • Parade fp is currently in town square and wishes is in garden. Hadn’t ever see them try parade fp from there. Would be terrible view. Used to be at Castle

  5. Sorry – newbie here…I have a FP reserved for the EP for our April trip…do you recommend trying to get one for Wishes also or do you feel I don’t really need one for Wishes?

  6. Are Fastpasses no longer available for Wishes? We’re trying to set up our Fastpasses for the week of 4/22/2016 to 4/29/2016, and Wishes no longer appears on the list at all. It doesn’t say that they’re all gone, it just doesn’t list Wishes at all.

  7. Hey kenny. So I have a fastpass for wishes and wanna see the electrical parade also.. I have no fastpass for ep. Could I see the electrical parade and still make it to my fastpass for wishes. And what would be a good spot to do this?

  8. If I get a FP for the Main St parade will I be in a good spot for Wishes and the fireworks and can I stay in that spot? There will only be one parade the day we will be there. Thanks!

    • You’ll be in Town Square. You could see fireworks if you choose parade spot in center. But Wishes is very easy to get decent spot 99% of the time.

  9. Hey Kenny! We love fastpasses for wishes and parades. I just wish they would let you have those separate from your other 3 fastpasses! We know how to utilize early mornings and late nights though, so no biggie! I just made a fastpass for wishes at 9 and the electrical parade at 10. Will I have an issue gettting a good spot for the electrical parade? That is my favorite parade from childhood!

  10. Hi Kenny. Where are the Fastpass viewing areas for the Festival of Fantasy Parade as of now (9/2015)? I know they were moved to front of park during construction, now I’m hearing front of park near the flagpole AND the hub in front of castle? Is that true or are all fastpasses back to viewing in the hub now?

  11. Was interested in reading this article, but the stupid add that runs in the middle of the page keeps going off and jumping the view to where the add is…. now I’m no longer interested.

  12. Thanks for this post. One question – for nighttime shows. If we got food at Casey’s corner (and somehow magically got a table outside next to the fencing), could we theoretically sit there, eat, then see parade, CtM, and then Wishes?

  13. Thanks for the post, Kenny! I actually logged in and changed the FastPass+ reservations I made this weekend because of it. I didn’t think about the parade coming FROM Frontierland. I don’t want to sit in the sun with my 2 year old for an hour. We’ll be looking for some Frontier shade. You have THE most helpful site on the internet for planning a Disney vacation!

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