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Character Rumor Round Up – March 18, 2015

Disney World Character Rumor Round Up - March 18, 2015

The latest rumors include Doc McStuffins, Inside Out, Hiro and Baymax and a Frozen dining option.

Doc McStuffins

Disney’s Hollywood Studios put up construction walls last night in front of Disney Jr to allow for construction of Doc McStuffins new meet and greet that I told you about recently.  It will be themed to her Check up Clinic and will be in the Animation Courtyard.  Her meet and greet is supposed to begin in May.  She will continue to meet at Hollywood and Vine for breakfast and lunch as well.

Doc McStuffins meet and greet Disney's Hollywood Studios
Photo @wdwnt on Twitter


Hiro and Baymax

Hiro and Baymax could be continuing through the summer.  Notice I say COULD, I’m not guaranteeing that.  They are being rumored to possibly keep around at least through the busy summer season, but we’ll have to wait and see.  It’s unusual, because Disney never mentions this popular meet and greet on its website, times guide or app.  Their schedule is included with subscription to Character Locator.  I’ll keep you posted, if I hear anything more.

Inside Out

It’s sounding like it may be possible that the new Pixar movie “Inside Out” characters could be featured at the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot, which would be a step out of the norm as most Disney and Pixar movies characters are given the space currently occupied by Hiro and Baymax.  The new movie is scheduled to release in June 2015.  I think it would be a great move for a couple of reasons.

  1.  It will encourage more people to visit this pavilion and enjoy the ride.

  2.  It will add more character meets to Epcot (even temporarily).

Anna & Elsa might join Akershus

Rumor, again, lets note that it’s a rumor, not news.  Some are suggesting that Anna & Elsa might join the Akershus Princess lineup in Epcot, which could mean that Snow White and Aurora would be out, if the rumor came true.   Anna and Elsa would become the official greeters at the front of the restaurant and Belle would move from table to table.  That’s what the rumor that I received via email today stated.

It makes logical sense to add them for these reasons:

  1.  It would sell out every meal.  Currently the breakfast meal is popular as it offers American style food, but the Norweigan food at lunch and dinner is less popular and would sell out each time.  Guests would surely snap every reservation for 180 days prior to a visit.  Independent tour operators have offered a few special event dining opportunities and they usually sell out in minutes at prices up to $100 per person!

  2.  It would give guests who crave that meet and greet another opportunity to meet them outside of the FP/Rope Drop/Park Closing option at Magic Kingdom.

Well that’s the rumor round up for today.  Happy Character Locating!

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  1. Have you heard any more about the Inside Out Characters or a possible M&G. We are going in September and my 4 year old is already talking non stop about the movie and characters just from the (I’m assuming) trailers he’s seen. Hoping they’ll be at HS and not Epcot if they do as we are skipping Epcot again this trip.

  2. How likely do you think the rumor for Elsa and Anna at Akershus is? We’re planning an October trip and just booked a lunch there. My four year old refers to them as ” My Girlfriends.” This would make his day!

  3. HI Kenny, Any word on any Miles from Tomorrowland characters in the park yet? We will be there in May and my son is adamant he will be there.

  4. Thanks Kenny!! Just saw this now!! -I’m sure the fee is well worthy I find out about you last September right before MNSHP. I’m a bit upset that I will be going to the 1st MNSHP as I won’t be able to now your inside and out for this year :)

    I’m very excited to read your insights overall :) Great Job on your HS Day yesterday

    • I should have enough information to help you with the first party. I visit so I can confirm locations and take photos and enjoy the festivities.

  5. Would’t having Anna and Elsa cut into the lines for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet at the refurbished Norway/Arendelle pavilion? Has Disney ever “double dipped” with the same characters so close to each other?

  6. Just booked Akershush breakfast reservations for September in hopes that the frozen rumor is true! That would be so amazing, and would save us having to use a FP in MK on A&E. Please please please!

  7. Crossing ny fingers that Hiro & Baymax hang on through the summer. I got to meet them in January, but didn’t have the kids with me. We were a week too early for them this past Fall, and the kids were really hoping to meet them when we’re back in June.

    While it would have made a lot of sense to put Anna & Elsa at Akershus months ago, the longer it takes to happen the less likely it seems to me that it will. They’re already in the midst of building a Meet & Greet facility for A&E at Norway, and they can’t have them in both places at the same time that close together. Though maybe they could pull it off as a summer special event.

  8. Anna/Elsa at breakfast is the greatest rumor ever. I hope it ends up being true. Just joined and already in love with you and your site/tips. Thank you!

  9. It would make sense to make Akershus an Anna and Elsa breakfast and take her to Be Our Guest. btw, I just added an Akershus rezzie for June just in case (fingers crossed)!

  10. Noooooo! Not Akershus! I see it’s a rumor but please no! I could take losing Muppet 3D Vision at DLR, Aurora at mk, and even Maelstrom to the Frozen Fad, but not Akershus! I hope this ends up just being a rumor. The food was meh, but all the traditional princess walking around just takes me back to my childhood. Ugh I can’t take this!

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