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Information on Anna and Elsa meet as well as Aurora and Snow White


It appears that the rumor that Anna and Elsa will meet in a room by themselves in Princess Fairytale Hall is true.  Aurora is being booted out.  She will move to the location beside City Hall and should appear in the late afternoon / early evening.  Snow White will move to Center Street, which is near the Crystal shop on Main Street before you reach the Main Street Bakery.  Her schedule should continue to be limited to morning and early afternoon at this new location.  Anna and Elsa will meet alone from park opening until 30 minutes before closing and Fastpass+ will continue to be available.  Waits still exceed 2 hours most of the day.  Looks like an adjustment to accommodate the budget.  

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  1. thanks!
    a friend went yesterday and sent pictures of anna and elsa separately– so it looks like the are now separated.

  2. Rapunzel is still there right? Any rumors or FP for the other princesses who have gotten the boot? or are their lines not long enough to warrent a FP?

    • Rapunzel and Cinderella on one side. Anna and Elsa only on the other side. Aurora next to City Hall and Snow White on Center Street (Fastpass isn’t possible for these two because they are outdoor meets.

  3. Any chance the seven dwarfs or snow white will make appearances near the “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train”? I think Disney is missing an opportunity by not having the dwarfs in the park with the new ride…

  4. I get the budget “concern” especially since they extended Anna and Elsa’s hours and also it seems that Aurora had a lot of “dead” time while people were meeting with Anna and Elsa. I suppose the powers that be also figured it might slightly speed things along if there were not another meet-and-greet after Anna and Elsa so people go in, meet the sisters of Arendelle, and leave. I still maintain that Anna and Elsa should have been moved to the room in the Town Square Theater where the princesses used to be (and where Tinker Bell is currently). The room has a lot of potential for decorating options, and the queue area is expansive and indoors. The Princess Fairytale Hall was not designed to handle Anna and Elsa. When will the executives realize that? The Hall was fine before they were moved in. This makes me nervous about what will happen for MNSSHP. I don’t want to be saddled with dark lighting conditions when meeting Snow White & the Prince and Aurora & Prince Philip. They are my favorite royal couples along with Rapunzel & Flynn. =/

  5. Ugh, I wish they would just drop the Fastpass option for them, that’s what truly holds the line up. My boyfriend and I actually got in line for them once when the wait was inside the queue. We had waited in that same line before, back in December when it was Cinderella and Rapunzel, before you could Fastpass characters. In December we waited for 30-40 minutes from the same point, but to meet Anna and Elsa with the Fastpass+ option now in play, it would have been a 160+ minute wait!! We stopped to speak to the Cast Member on our way out of line and he showed us where the Fastpass+ line was even backed up! He said that no matter how backed up the Fastpass+ line got, they were still guaranteed entry first, backing up the standby even further.

    • Yes, but when Anna and Elsa met without a FP+ in EPCOT, the lines were 3+ hours long. I am not sure it’s a function of the FP option.

      • That’s a valid point. I think having them in MK makes a bigger difference though. There’s more to do in MK, so I think people would be less likely to stand in line for the characters and miss opportunities for rides or other experiences, whereas at EPCOT there’s not as much for young girls to enjoy so families were probably more willing to wait in line for that experience.
        But, I could be wrong, I don’t have kids.

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