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When should I meet Anna and Elsa at Epcot in the Norway pavilion?

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UPDATE:  They have moved to another Test Schedule that is from 9:00am to 6:00pm which means I recommend going at PARK OPENING!


Anna and Elsa have been a HUGE hit at Walt Disney World.  They had lines forming to meet them before they even began meet and greets.  Hey, they even had people searching for them during training meets.  The lines for Anna and Elsa averaged 3 to 5 hours on many days at Epcot and many fans were extremely frustrated.  The Disney Blog had announced that the girls would be leaving in late January, which scared a number of guests as well.

Well, the lovely ladies from Arendelle continue to meet in Epcot and will for quite some time.  Disney is even working toward building them a better meet and greet location somewhere.  They hope to keep them in Norway.

I used to recommend that you go straight there at park opening and wait two hours, because it was the shortest you would wait.  Because Epcot has added more time to their schedule (even though the Epcot Times Guide and MDE App don’t realize) I now recommend that you visit in the late afternoon or early evening.  The ladies are now meeting from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm with short breaks.  (They often take a longer break from 8:00-8:30 pm).

Don’t waste your good touring time for attractions like Test Track and Soarin to head over here.  Go to those attractions and meet the other characters in the park, then come over in the afternoon.  I’ll be writing touring plans that include this information very soon.

Here’s the information on their location.

Do you think my advice is sound or the ramblings of a crazy pirate?


  1. Thanks for the reply! We are planning to head to Epcot tomorrow for 8am to get there for gate opening. Fingers crossed! If I can offer any additional advice, I’ll pass it on:)

  2. My sister was there last week and she said you can’t even get into Norway because of the line for the Frozen Princesses. She heard the crowd handler call out “from this point the wait is 7 hours”! And no one gave up or got off the line. She said people would take turns holding places for other so they could get something to eat or use the rest rooms.

  3. Hi! Just skimmed through the comments and hoping you can offer some assistance please. We have lunch at Akershus at 12:15 on Sunday April 6. Should we line up before or after lunch? Are there fast passes available for the meet and greet, as well as in the parks in general? I’m finding so much conflicting info in regards to FPs with the new FP+ program in place. We’re staying off property, so we can’t take advantage of FP+, but when we were there 3years ago, we liked using the FP option. Any advice is greatly appreciated:) Thank you

    • If you aren’t arriving until lunch time, you’d be better off waiting until later in the afternoon. There is no FP for this meet. You can use FP, but have to wait until you arrive at the park to book them.

  4. We went the end of February and opted not to wait. The line was over 3 hours the entire day. We got a sneak peak from the store and my kids were glad we didn’t wait. Elsa was a disappointment for sure. Worst character match I have ever seen at Disney! Both of my girls (5 & 9) said it looked nothing like her.

  5. Are the same pair that’s pictured above always at Epcot? Or is there another couple pairs of Anna and Elsa that switch around? Is there a pattern you have noticed? I’ve seen maybe 2 or 3 different pairs from the Internet and videos on YouTube. But do they all work in the Norway Pavilion?

  6. On the My Disney Experience it only shows times from Anna and Elsa starting at 4:50. We are leaving on March the 1st and this is the only thing my 6 year old talks about. I am worried we will not be able to meet them due to the limited times showing currently. Are the times wrong on the experience site?? Any suggestions as to what the best plan would be for my daughter to meet them???? We have park hoppers so we will work out whatever we need to make this happen, even if it means my daughter and I have to miss a scheduled character dinner with the rest of the family. Please help me!!! Thanks!

  7. My wife and I went on MLK Day. As strange as it sounds, we were just 2 adults, waiting in line for 4 hours, to see Elsa and Anna, and my wife nearly cried when she got to meet Elsa. Needless to say, we are both big into the magic of Disney, and something about Frozen (and specifically Elsa) resonated with my wife, BIG time.

  8. Hi-heading down tomorrow, Friday 2/7 and this is number one on my 4 year old daughter’s list. I was planning on going to Epcot on Saturday, 2/8 to get this meet and greet done so we can relax and enjoy the rest of our trip :) Do you think morning or afternoon is the best approach for a Saturday visit or should we wait until Monday?

  9. I noticed that on my Disney experience it is saying that for most of February the ladies are meeting 9am – 6pm. Have you heard word of this?

  10. Thank you so much for this update! We’re heading to Epcot tomorrow and, although my 7 year old daughter says she understands that standing in line for 2+ hours is too much, I’ve been very worried that she would be crushed if we can’t meet Elsa & Anna. We’re going to head over there later in the afternoon & just enjoy our morning together. Thanks again! :)

  11. This is such good news! We arrive on the 11th and were hoping to do a half-day at Epcot (afternoon/evening). This m&g is a HUGE priority, and I was worried we’d have to do another Epcot day or buy hoppers.

  12. I am going the first week of May. My 4 year old is obsessed with Elsa and she is a must see. We have a reservation at Akershus @ 945 for breakfast. When should would do the meet and greet?

  13. Princess breakfast at 8:10. We have FPs for nemo rides and mickey and friends throughout the morning (although they can easily be changed). And we may try to attemp Agent P for a little bit with our daughter.
    Nothing firm besides breakfast. We are willing to schedule everything else around Elsa and Anna!

  14. We are spending a half day at Epcot the day we are leaving. We have a 4 year old who can’t miss Elsa! Are we better off at rope drop or going after lunch?

  15. Do you think there is a chance of them meeting at akershus before May? Wondering if I should make a reservation there just in case.

  16. why dont they just make them the hosts of Akershus royal banquet hall ? That would make financial sense, then they could do breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place would sell out faster than Cindy’s!! ( tell them and maybe they will do it before we arrive Feb 9th!! hahah)

  17. We went with your advice on Monday. It was a very low crowd day. My husband waited in line at rope drop and jogged to the line. He was 16th in line. 14 of them were waiting after breakfast. We saw them at 11:40am. Our family really could have arrived later in the day as most of the things we wanted to do were in the world showcase. I honestly had a hard time keeping the kids (2 & 5) occupied by myself since I couldn’t switch with my hubby to take daughter on other rides (Figment was closed for awhile). And the waits were non existant for things my kids wanted to do- we walked right in to the character spot twice! And we weren’t able to hit soaring later in the day. So I don’t think you are crazy. I think it makes sense to optimize touring if the wait will be similar later in the day.

  18. Thanks for the update! This meet n greet is a big deal for our house! Can’t wait to see what’s up by the time we get there in June!

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