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Are Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen going to stick around Epcot after January 31

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Are Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen going to stick around Epcot after January 31?  This has become the most popular question on my blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds and emails.

Guests want Disney to confirm that the girls will be extended beyond the last date that was given.  Well, I have it on VERY GOOD authority that Anna and Elsa aren’t going to leave anytime soon.  Walt Disney World is looking into ways to expand the meet and greets capability that would allow the ladies to meet more of their adoring fans.  There’s no need to sweat whether or not they will stick around.  THEY AREN’T LEAVING Walt Disney World anytime soon.

Now, with that stated, you should understand just how popular this meet and greet has become.  It is the the “Frozen Foot Race” to see who can arrive in Norway at the Princess Plass first.  Lines can easily grow to between 3 and 5 hours each day.  People wait in the sun, they wait in the cold and they wait in the rain.  Guests want to meet these characters in the worst kind of way.  If you want to meet them, you need to either send a person to hold your spot at rope drop, wait in a really long line or perhaps attempt stopping by later in the day.

Dear Disney World,

Please look at allowing these characters to begin meeting at 9:15 am daily just like Merida does in the Magic Kingdom.  Rapunzel used to have this type of crazy line when meeting with Flynn and their meet and greet began later in the day.  You could easily accommodate more guests and allow the ones who arrive early to have a better overall experience at Epcot and even meet more of the characters they love.



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  1. Okay, we plan on seeing Anna and Elsa on Saturday. The park opens at 9am and we have made 8:05 reservations at Akershus. If I pay early while we are still eating – can we head out aroud 8:45 and get in line before the rope drop people? We have eaten at Akershus five times so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t get all the princesses before we left. Also, in this case would we be okay for 1pm FPP at Test Track. Saturday is a bonus day so we just want to see Anna and Elsa, grab a snack and bathroom break and head to test track for a 1pm-2pm time. THANKS!!!!!

    • I’m sure you could, but you are really rushing your meal to get through in 30 minutes or so. If you are among the first in line for Frozen, you will be done at 11:00. You can also send just one person to hold the spot in line for them.

      • Thank you!! That helps a ton! We have a 9:25 breakfast with the princesses next Tuesday and we will jump over in line after that. Lord help me if we don’t see them….the wrath of a 3 year old :-)

  2. We have breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey’s at 8:10 on our Epcot day. We plan to ride the monorail over as soon as we finish eating. If we get in line as soon as we get to Epcot, do you think we’ll be too late for the 11:00 meet and greet at that point?

  3. I’m confused about RD…didn’t it used to be that they would have the opening show by the Fountain of Nations and then escort people to TT or Soarin, etc? Am I correct that now you can get into the park and walk to Norway before 9am for a 9am rope drop or is it still the same way that after the show, you can walk to Norway for the 11am RD?

  4. I can’t see how Norway can continue to accommodate them. The area is way too small for the crowds. Any word yet on where they will be?

  5. Okay, sorry, last question… if I got in line at 2pm (on a crowd 3 day, Feb 4th)…. do you think we would be done seeing them by 5:45pm? at least that would let us do FW in the morning… and we can just take a break midday while waiting in line??

  6. Ugh, so you still think I should get in like a 8am? Wow…. I’m not sure I’m willing to give up so much park time… my DD might just have to see them from the gift shop…. thanks!!

  7. We are going to Epcot on an AM EMH day (Tuesday). Do you think we should still go straight there? I was thinking we could all ride Soarin as a family and then I would go to Norway to get in line by 8:40 for the 11am meet… or do you think people will still go at 8am and I’ll be out of luck? THANKS!!!

  8. I lined up at 9am yesterday and made the 11am meet and greet, however about 5 families behind me was the cut off, and those beyond that had to wait until 12. All told, from my entrance to the park at rope drop until the moment I saw the characters was 2 1/2 hours.

  9. I can’t seem to avoid them… I might have to take a book too! Thanks for the advice.
    I can’t really understand why meeting characters can be so complicated there, can’t they cast more “princesses” and have other meeting points? I haven’t been there for about 20 years but I think that before you just met the characters walking around… anyway… thanks!

  10. you know the funny thing. The rope drop for World Show case is after Norway. I was touring World Showcase this morning on my intro to Epcot & saw that the line formed way before opening so really I dont see why they cant open this meet & greet early. Now I am a little conflicted bc I was told they will be leaving at the end of the month on my cast tour this morning. Im trusting you KTP!!! TTFN

      • We will be there next month so I emailed Disney World to ask about the possible location of Elsa and Anna at that time and this was their response:
        “Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort.
        Unfortunately January 30th is the last day of the meet and greet for Anna and Elsa. We do not currently have information on when the next events will be. Please contact guest services at any one of our parks during your visit to see what characters will be in the parks during your visit.”
        On one hand, I can’t imagine that with the success they’ve had and the crowds they’ve drawn, that they would do away with the meet and greet altogether but it have me slightly nervous that there won’t be anything by the time we go. Thoughts?

      • KTP Im reading all the comments & I have done my research as I work at EP. Is there a friendly wager we can place on this bc my info says the girls are leaving. Ur info says they are not. Guests are writing letters which the response is they are leaving. So Feb 1 will there be a wager to see if they are still there? Thanks

      • Well I would gladly get you that cookie! As far as that particular cast member I don’t suppose they do know fully what they’re talking about since the meet and greet currently shows times through Feb 8th not Jan 30th. Unless they change it but that extra week was just recently added.

      • Well I will gladly buy that Mickey premium bar as KTP is right as always. I just confirmed at EP with management the girls are going to be meeting until end of 2014 but their location can change as that is still TBD. So KTP let me know when ur in the parks & bars on me.

  11. My suggestion is 1st thing. When we lined up at 9:00 am we were in first group to see them at 11. By 11 am they had started forming line for the 2:00 group.

  12. Saw them last month and we dropped someone off at 9:20 to wait in line for the 11:00 meet and greet we were the 4th in line and it worked out well (the person who waited just brought a book).

  13. I will be @Epcot on sat 1/25 and of course my girls are crazy to meet them, is it better to go 1st thing or to leave it for the latest time available? I’m visiting all the way from Argentina, I can’t just leave it for next visit because that might be years from now. What’s your advice? Thanks!

  14. And if Disney wants to make money have them appear at akershus. There were tons of available times when we were there and the food is sub par. Then move meet and greet to a better location.
    The belle that did the picture before our meal was terrible. Looked nothing like belle.

  15. We just returned. The line is crazy and in a very small area. My plan worked well. We went there right away. 3rd family in line. I took my daughter to breakfast at akershus while my wife waited. Made a very enjoyable Waite for daughter and I.

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