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Change up your Facebook appearance with MORE KtP Disney character Facebook header covers


I like to change up my header and icon photos on Facebook from time to time to give it a fresh look. I change my personal and the KtP pages. Today, I uploaded the great shot on my KtP Facebook and included it here that was provided courtesy Tom McInerney. Nothing is more fun that the 7 Dwarves and he took a great shot that was buried in the site after the Halloween Parties. I thought some of you guys might enjoy a variety of character based photo header covers for your own Facebook. You’re welcome to use them free of charge. If a friend asks where you got it it, it would be great if you’d pass along this link so they could find a photo they like. You can also share on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc… below the post by just clicking the button.

Click on the photo you like for the full size version, then save it to your computer.
Mouse over your Facebook cover and click “Change cover.”
Choose “Upload photo”
Find the folder you saved the photo to earlier
Click on the image you downloaded
Save changes

winter wonderland facebook

Tremaines Facebook

tigger and pooh facebook

tarzan and terk facebook

suzy and perla facebook

snow white epcot facebook

robin hood gang facebook

ralph and vanellope facebook

Rapunzel Facebook

periwinkle facebook

mickey hs facebook

mickey ep facebook

ludwig and scrooge facebook

lilo and stitch facebook

jane and terk facebook

incredibles facebook

belle facebook

What character would you like to see a Facebook header for? I’m still working on more!


What do you think?

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