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Belle’s new style

Belle’s new dress, hair and accouterments premiered at Disneyland on the date that I had previously announced, but she will not receive the new look at Walt Disney World for a week or two.   I would expect her to wear this attire at Enchanted Tales with Belle and Akershus character meals.  Her dress is more of a light gold instead of the bright yellow.  I like the new look.  What do you think?


Sofia the First to come to DHS?  

Photo Banks Lee from Attractions Magazine

I’ve heard for a while to expect Sofia to begin appearing at Hollywood Studios beginning in “the Spring.”  No exact dates have been given.  Sofia has only been seen in the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade.  I’ve still not heard any solid rumors that would point to Doc McStuffins joining the meet and greet group.  Guest will be able to see Sofia and Doc in puppet form in the new version of Disney Junior-Live on Stage at Hollywood Studios.  Handy Manny and the Little Einsteins are being eliminated.  The new show is scheduled for a mid-February opening.

Periwinkle meets coming to an end?  

I’ve heard that Periwinkle will no longer be a set character at Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook.  I was given the date of March 15.   I’ve heard that she will join a rotation of Terance, Rosetta and Vidia or that she will be eliminated entirely.  The reason I was given is because the Winter Woods theme won’t play as well in the Spring and Summer.  It wouldn’t make sense to bring her into a standard set without the Winter overlay, so we’ll see what happens.

periwinkle 300

Peter Pan to get pointy ears?

I was recently informed that the character department is testing new pointy ears on Peter Pan.  At first, I was thinking “What kind of weirdness is that?  Are they making him into Mr. Spock?”  Then I quickly remembered that Peter has pointy ears in his movie, so it just adds another element of realism to the meet and greet.

Character Spot to open soon

Barring any delays, the new Epcot Character Spot is supposed to open in mid-February.  It will continue to offer only Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.  Each character will still have a separate photo.  The new location is being equipped with Fastpass+.

Wreck-it Ralph leaving?

Wreck-it Ralph was recently removed from Disneyland, leaving only Vanellope.  However, in Disneyland, they met separately and Ralph can’t autograph and really isn’t much for interaction with his limited movement.  He just wants to wreck everything it seems.  I realize that the location that Ralph is using is always cast for new movies, so it could be used to move the Monster’s Inc characters when Monster’s University releases or they could move other characters into that location, perhaps Sophia?  I haven’t heard any solid removal date rumors at this point.

ralph vanellope 300

Will Pinocchio return?

The rumor is still floating around that Pinocchio will return to the Magic Kingdom and meet in Fantasyland near his restaurant.  I’ve heard that he could join the rotation in the spring.

Gepetto Pinocchio Jiminy (2)


  1. I think Ralph might stay in Disney World. I met him in April, but I do agree with you that Ralph can’t do much. The line is decreasing, as I got to Ralph and Venellope in around 5 or 10 minutes. That’s a huge difference from the 15 minute lines for Mr. Incredible and Frozone, as well as another 15 minute line for Sorcerer Mickey. Ralph just stood there and did nothing. Venellope was interactive, though, and gave me a hug when I was there. Ralph just stands there and flops his loose arms around. However, Ralph may appeal more to boys and people will know Ralph a little more than Venellope, so I think Ralph’s staying.

  2. What is the chance that Sofia the First and/or Doc McStuffins being available for meet and greets or meal at H&V by beginning of November? That’s my daughter’s one wish for this trip!

  3. Any more word of Doc Mc Stuffin’s or Sofia the first for meet and greets or the Hollywood Vine? We are headed for the world April 20. I’m hoping that’s late spring enough:)

  4. I think Belle was wearing that dress during the parades at WDW last week. I’m not sure I’m a fan. In pure asthetics, I like the dress, but in the movie it’s pretty darn yellow. With that and the hair, if that picture was on a non-disney site I’m not sure I would have known who it was.

    We saw the new Cinderella last week as well. I can’t say I’m a fan of the new hair there either.

  5. Do you know if the Little Einsteins and Handy Manny will stop meeting when the Disney Jr show makes the switch? It would be interesting to see what they do with the Hollywood & Vine character dining…Agent Oso, Handy Manny, and the Little Einsteins need to make room for some fresh faces.

  6. Any news on the Rapunzel tower at Magic Kingdom? We were there this past week and had not heard anything about it prior to our arrival. My husband has a friend that is a cast member and he told us that even the cast members didn’t know it was being added until it Magically appeared. I asked a couple of Haunted Mansion cast members about it and both said no opening dates had been released and one told me it was going to be a meet and greet location (but the other one only mentioned bathrooms)….just curious if you knew anything?

  7. I’m pretty sure that both Ralph and Vanellope are no longer meeting at Disneyland. I haven’t seen any reports of Vanellope still there, and their awesome location at the Starcade no longer exists, so not sure where she’d even be.

    Such a shame, that was a perfect location and theme for them!

  8. I find it odd that they may add the points to Peter’s ears in the interest of being accurate to the film. Yet they are changing Belle’s gown to a version that will be barely recognizable to fans of that film. Seems slightly inconsistent.

  9. Wow this was a great update. I love belles dress not sure about the hair just looks so different from the film. Shame we will probably miss her in WDW in her new dress we leave on the 14th.

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