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The Sunday Squeeze – Darby


Hug Darby


On each Disney park trip I ask my children if there is something special that each would like to do for that trip.  Sometimes it involves riding a new ride, viewing a new show or meeting a new character.  In 2008, my youngest daughter’s most important achievement was going to be meeting Darby from the Winnie the Pooh show that was active on the Disney Channel back then.  She spotted her in the Hundred Acre Wood playland (now where the Seven Dwarves Mine Train is being constructed) with Tigger.  There was quite a long line, but we had learned our lesson when we missed out on meeting Clarice, so we stood in a pretty long line to meet Darby.  My daughter was thrilled that her little dream for the trip had come true and have her a giant hug.  Darby was one of her heroes and she was happy to meet her.  Little did we know that Darby would be a pretty short-lived character at the Magic Kingdom and we were glad that we didn’t miss out.

2008 - Darby appeared for only a short time in the Magic Kingdom at the Old Pooh's playland area.  She didn't even sign for us that day.
2008 – Darby appeared for only a short time in the Magic Kingdom at the Old Pooh’s playland area. She didn’t even sign for us that day.

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