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Which Christmas Party characters are your most important to meet?



Let’s assume that you are only going to visit Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party once this season, and we’ll assume that you really want to experience all the Christmas themed shows, parade and fireworks.  That would leave the average guest enough time to complete about 5 to 7 character meets.  If you could only meet 5 party exclusive characters (meets), which 5 would YOU choose?

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  1. Great poll! We met the dwarves at last yea’s MNSSHP. And we also lucked out and met Aladdin, Jasmine AND Genie at the same time. We were planning on getting in line early to meet Jack Sparrow but now wonder if we would be better off meeting Scrooge first. Thoughts?

  2. Something that genuinely surprised me was that my dad REALLY wants to meet Scrooge. He’s not big on meeting characters, but he’s really excited that Scrooge is going to be at MVMCP. We keeping making a plan to meet the princes, Jack Sparrow and Wendy, and he’s all “But we have to meet Scrooge. We’re meeting Scrooge right? We have to meet him.”

  3. I chose the 7 Dwarves, the princes, Scrooge, Genie and Abu. The Dwarves and Scrooge are for me: I think it’d be pretty cool to meet them. The rest are mainly for my 4-year-old (though I’m excited for them as well). He loves, loves, LOVES Aladdin. Also, he’s all kinds of excited to meet all the princesses this year, so why not meet them with their respective princes?

    Yes, my 4-year-old son loves princesses. And fairies. And Lightning McQueen and Mater. And Mike and Sully. And the “fab 5 + Daisy”. And Phinneaus and Ferb. And. And. And. Kenny, he’s a boy after your own heart. His main request for our upcoming WDW trip is to meet as many characters as possible. To him, rides are fun, but characters – wow! ;-)

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