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Meet special Pixar characters at sea with Disney Cruise Line


I sure wish I could book one of these special Pixar themed cruises, but I won’t be able to afford that this time around :( My kids and I really enjoyed Pixar Weekend at Epcot and had the opportunity to meet some rare characters like Boo, Smitty, Needlemsn and Atta. Iwish they would consider doing Pixar Weekends at Hollywood Studios. I think they would be as great of a hit as Star Wars Weekends for chanter fans! Those attending these special cruises are sure to have a blast! Say hello to John Lasseter for me if you get to take that cruise. I’ve met him at the grand openings of Finding Nemo Subs and Cars Land and he’s a super nice guy and share your experiences here on the blog.



  1. I am headed on the 3rd Pixar Cruise and I am beyond excited. Taking a short trip to Disneyland first and then hopefully sailing with some rare characters!

    Also we met John on our Fantasy Inaugural cruise, such a nice guy!

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