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Magic Kingdom Female Character Touring Plan Extra Magic Hour

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Magic Kingdom Character Touring Plans
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Magic Kingdom Female Character Touring Plan with MORNING Extra Magic Hour

In order to meet all these ladies with the shortest waits possible, you will need to dedicate the first two hours to nothing more than meeting characters and acquiring FASTPASSES.

  • Why start at Fairytale Hall?  Not only does it put you in position to meet several characters in one area, it also allows you the shortest wait for the Prinesses.  If you have FASTPASS+ priveledges, you should use those for rides like Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Winnie the Pooh.
Rapunzel and Snow White Fairytale Hall
Cinderella and Aurora Fairytale Hall
  • If a long line is forming Get Fastpass for Cinderella and Aurora and return later
Fairy Godmother Fantasyland – Behind the Castle
  • Walk down the pathway from the Castle to line up for Merida.
Merida Fairytale Garden
  • Walk back up the Castle Pathway to find the Tremaines near the Wall.
Anastasia, Drisella & Lady Tremaine Fantasyland – New Wall
  • Make your way to Adventureland to meet Jasmine. She will meet near the Magic Carpets beside the store.
Aladdin / Jasmine Adventureland – Magic Carpets
  • Make your way to Liberty Square. It’s easiest to go toward the Adventureland Bridge and turn left. You’ll see her meet on the left behind the Christmas Shoppe.
Tiana Liberty Square –Christmas Shoppe
  • Because Wendy offers limited meets in the morning, lets walk up the path beside the Haunted Mansion. She meets at the end of the Peter Pan queue across from the Rapunzel bathrooms.
Wendy Fantasyland – Next to Peter Pan’s Flight
  • This is the last crucial piece for a short wait. Arrive at Jessie’s meet a few minutes before her first meet.
Jessie Splash Mountain – Exit area
  • Pick a time that is best for you to meet Alice.
Alice Fantasyland – Mad Tea Party
  • I would wait until during a parade or late in the evening to meet Tinker Bell and her Fairy friend for the shortest wait.
Tinker Bell & Fairy friend Adventureland – Tink’s Nook
  • The lines for Marie easily reach 20 to 30 minutes shortly after opening. She meets on the LEFT side facing the Castle. Return 5-10 minutes before she comes back from lunch break for the shortest wait.
Marie Town Square – Flag Pole
  • Mary Poppins stops offering meets early in the day, so see her in Town Square or meet her in Epcot another day.
Mary Poppins Town Square – near Mickey’s Fastpass machines
  • Daisy & Minnie should have a short wait later in the evening, but you can choose a time that is best for you.  They offer unique costumes that you won’t see in other parks
Daisy Duck & Minnie Mouse Pete’s Silly Circus – Storybook Circus
  • Ariel should have a short wait later in the evening, but you can choose a time that is best for you.
Ariel New Fantasyland – Grotto
  • I would get in line for Enchanted Tales with Belle late at night or just before closing to have the shortest wait. This attraction often has among the longest waits in the Magic Kingdom. So, why didn’t we go here first like others do? Because you’d give up 3 to 6 character meets with no wait.  Belle is available for actual meet and greets in Epcot in her blue smock.
Enchanted Tales with Belle New Fantasyland


  1. Will these be updated soon? We will be in Disney in 1 week and its our first time! I’m using your plans for all the other parks! I’d love to see a plan for MK, my 4 yr old daughter is so excited to meet princesses!

  2. can you give me a quick help as to how to get belle, ariel, merida and tiana in? We are heading for our second day at MK tomorrow, and MVMCP tonight. thanks so much

  3. This is so helpful but I’m just wondering:
    Do you have a touring plan that includes characters AND high priority rides? I’m trying to mesh this plan with our rides and my head is spinning! Thanks!!

  4. Hi Kenny, just discovered your site via easywdw.com, am now seriously considering getting an android phone to get your app for trip anticipated January trip!
    Here’s my question: how would I need to modify this MK character touring plan for girls if I don’t have a runner in my party? Will be just me and my 5 y.o. DD on a one day “Princess or Bust” whirlwind sweep.
    Here’s another: How do you anticipate this might change once new Fantasyland opens?

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