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Update on Rapunzel FASTPASS


Rapunzel moved from Tour Guide Gardens location next to City Hall into Town Square Theater allowing guests to use Fastpass to see her with Belle and Cinderella. 

I mentioned that this in this article on June 3rd: http://kennythepirate.com/2012/06/03/rapunzel-to-receive-fastpass/

She is only in Town Square Theater from 9:00 am-4:00 pm and then she stops meeting for the evening. Aurora moves into Rapunzel’s former location next to City Hall until late afternoon, when she will return to Town Square Theater OR the TST third spot could be filled with any other princess on any given day.

What does this mean? If you plan to use Fastpass to see Rapunzel, you’ll need to do so earlier in the day. Disney isn’t advertising this switch and with much more limited hours it will lead to a great deal of confusion and frustration for guests. If Rapunzel is important to your plan, just go to Town Square Theater at park opening or grab early Fastpass.

I will update the schedule tonight.