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Farewell Animal Kingdom characters



The removal of characters continues at the Animal Kingdom.  I’ve been informed that Timon, Thumper, Bunny, & Meeko have stopped regular meets at Walt Disney World effective today. Daisy will no longer offer her lunch-time meeting and Goofy will no longer meet in Camp Minnie Mickey.  Goofy is supposed to continue to meet in Dinoland and Baloo and King Louie will move to Camp.  No word if any characters will replace Thumper, Bunny or Meeko at this time.  I’ll change the schedule as I receive information.



  1. My favorite character is Flik. They got to bring him back…..Really they should. I just heard that they’ll be closing down the Beastly Bazarrs Store to create a new indoor Character greeting place in of the store in fall 2012. Perhaps they will return the regularly meet ‘n greet characters including Flik, all back in business. Who knows?

  2. Very sad. My sister and her family will be at AK for the first time ever on Friday and again on Sunday. If you hear anything before then, please let me know as every one of those characters were on their list. :(

  3. So, when you say that Daisy won’t be offering her lunchtime meeting, do you mean that she isn’t at Tusker House anymore?

  4. Sad that they are getting rid of so many characters that are only available in AK to begin with and now Bambi, one of our all-time favorites, won’t be represented at all. :(

  5. We needed 1 more day to get Timon for first time and Thumper this trip. They should have to tell my kid what is more important than characters! Especially in a park that fights to be more than “a half day park” in a lot ( not ours) minds…. We won’t be going there on our last day bc of this….

  6. That makes me so sad! For some of us, it’s the meet and greets that create the most magical moments in the parks. I’m very sad that more friends are going away.

    • I’m hoping that it opens the door for some Br’ers or Country Bears or Clarabelle and Horace or something like that, but the last few months at Animal Kingdom have mostly been losses. We only received Dug and Russell as a plus, but we lost Jiminy, Lilo, Stitch, Flik and Terk. We’ll see this week if anything will be added back.

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