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Thumper and Miss Bunny leaving?


I’ve heard a RUMOR that shows Thumper and Bunny being retired and Baloo and Louie would relocate to their spot in Camp Minnie Mickey.

Your thoughts?

(source Drew wdwmagic)


  1. Thumper, Flik, and Baloo were the only three charactors we were planning on meeting at AK. So I guess we’ll just ride the rides meet Baloo and leave.

  2. I am mad at myself for not making time for Thumper last year. We were so rushed at AK because we had to get over to MK for our Pirate League ressies. I really wanted to meet him this year and had him top on our priority list for AK:(

  3. Update: Got an e-mail from WDW Guest Services, saying Baloo and Louie will relocate to Camp Minnie-Mickey. No word about a date and if that will replace some other characters.

  4. Well, I sincerely hope Baloo and Louie will remain available. There are rumors saying they will leave as well. I’m pretty sure this is all related because of the construction of Avatarland. By the way -where’s my Sunday Squeeze story?;)

  5. So sad :( did the rumor say when? We are going the week after Easter and we were p,anning on meeting them

  6. We had a great interaction with Baloo and Louie at MNSSHP ’10. However, it’s always sad to hear characters will be going away.

  7. Hope that rumor isn’t true. We haven’t met Thumper and Bunny yet so they were a must do this year at AK along with Dug and Russel.

What do you think?

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